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Questions? Price Quote?


STEP 1 – Contact Us Send a quick email to us at [email protected] and tell us:

  • The number of shirts you need
  • The style of the shirts (T-shirts, ladies, baseball etc)
  • The colour of the shirts
  • Where you want the printing (left chest, across the chest, back etc.)
  • Your postal code
  • The date you need the shirts by
  • Any special instructions or questions
  • If you have your image please attach it to the email

You can just copy these questions and then paste them into your email. That way you can just use short answers. STEP 2 – We’ll Reply We’ll reply to your email with a mock-up and a price quote STEP 3 – You Let Us Know Your Decision You let us know if you would like to proceed or if you would like any modifications to the mock-up It’s as EASY AS THIS. The normal turn-around time for most t-shirts is 10 – 14 days, but if you need a rush order, we can usually do it. For screen printing  please allow 3 weeks. For more details contact Tshirts Canada. Highlight and then copy (ctrl-c) the bulleted questions below then click on [email protected]. Paste the Tshirts Canada questions into your email and answer the questions. This information allows Tshirts Canada to give you an accurate custom tshirts price quote.


I’ve Elaborated the Questions for Further Clarification

  • How many t-shirts do you need?

If you aren’t sure you can just approximate.

  • What colour of t-shirts would you like?

At Tshirts Canada white t-shirts are the least expensive and have virtually zero printing issues and they are available in all sizes and styles (men’s, ladies, youth and toddler)

Light colour shirts are a little more expensive and most designs can be printed without issues however not all of the colours are available in all sizes and styles.

We can print on mid colour shirts such as red, sport grey etc. with black or any dark ink.

If you want black or any dark colour shirt at Tshirts Canada we must see your image. We cannot provide a quote without it. Please attach it to your email.

  • Where you want the printing?


Tshirts Canada Logo and Large Graphic Size


A logo size/small graphic on the front left chest?

A large graphic across the front or a large graphic on the back?

A logo size/small graphic on the front left chest and large on the back?

Large on the front and large on the back?

Or the printing somewhere else. Please specify.

  • What sizes and style are you looking for?

Men’s, ladies, youth, toddler?

T-shirts, baseball, polos (printing on the front only), tank tops (men’s only) etc?>

  • What date you need the t-shirts by?
  • Your Postal Code (include your city and province) to determine shipping costs and tax rate (GST only – PE, QC, MB, SK, AB, NT, YT, NU / HST – ON, BC, NB, NS, NL).

If you have it please attach the graphic you want printed on the t-shirt (jpg, eps, pdf or wmf.). The ideal resolution should be 300 dpi at the same size you want printed. If you don’t have a design, simply describe what you want and Tshirts Canada will design it for you. At Tshirts Canada we use CorelDRAW X4 which can accurately import virtually all graphic files. If you use Illustrator please send it as a PDF or an EPS. Please include the names of the fonts you used. We will respond usually within 24 hours.  

TshirtsCanadaPriceQuote.wmv - If you are in Canada and you are interested in getting a price quote for custom printed tshirts or baseball shirts etc including personalized t-shirts or any custom tee shirt printing go to the website and send us an email for a quote.