Gildan "Heavy" 5000 Series T-shirts

Gildan 5000 T-shirts

At  Tshirts Canada we are now able to include the full line of the Gildan 5000  t-shirts. These 100% cotton are a slightly lighter t-shirt than the Gildan 2000 “Ultra” series and features some colours that are not available in the 2000’s.

These Gildan t-shirts are available in the standard shirts (normally called men’s) as well as ladies and youth sizes. The first difference between the Gildan 2000’s and the 5000’s is the weight of the t-shirt. In other words, the thickness. The Gildan “Ultra” (2000) are 10.1 ounces and the “Heavy” (5000) are 8.8 ounces. They are lighter but are still not considered sheer.

The ladies 5000’s are tapered slightly giving a contoured fit for the ladies. To accomplish this the t-shirts have a side seam. The ladies shirts are referred to as a “Missy fit.” and the shirt dimensions cross-reference with the 2000 series.

Another series of t-shirts that Gildan carries is the 64000 series. These ladies shirts are the most contoured however the overall dimensions are significantly different than the 5000 or 2000 series. Here is a diagram to give you an idea as to the contours of the ladies shirts.


Photo showing th 3 styles of the Gildan women's t-shirts


Light Colour T-shirts

The light colour Gildan 5000 t-shirts are white, ash grey, ice grey, natural, light pink, light blue, sand and serene green. with these shirts we can print in full colour.


Mid Colour Gildan 5000 T-shirts

Gold, Red, Heliconia, Azalea, Safety Pink, Orange, Safety Orange, Texas Orange, Tangerine, Paprika, Safety Green, Kiwi, Lime, Kelly Green, Irish Green, Iris, Heather Indigo, Sky, Carolina Blue, Stone Blue, Sapphire, Orchid, Sport Grey, Tan, Daisy, Honey Olive, Indigo, Royal, Metro Blue, Navy. Military Green, Forest Green, Cherry Red, Cardinal Red, Maroon, Blue Dusk, Heather Navy, Antique Royal, Dark Chocolate, Dark Heather, Prairie Dust, Purple, Black, Charcoal  


Gildan 5000 t-shirts 2013


These shirts are now our standard t-shirt however if you would prefer the Gildan 2000 just let us know. These shirts are readily available from our supplier and can be ordered in without any issue. If you would like more information or a price quote please send an email to [email protected] or give us a call.