Team T-shirts

When it comes to team t-shirts this is one of the areas that we excel in here at TshirtsCanada. Our feature printing process of using t-shirt transfers allows us to print a full colour team logo/mascot on the front of your team t-shirt and each player’s number or name and number on the back. And there is no minimum order; however the best pricing begins with 12 or more shirts.

T-shirts are particularly suited to sports teams where equipment or padding is not worn under the shirt. So this would apply to sports such as ball hockey, floor hockey, dodgeball, volleyball, baseball, basketball (tank tops), football (off the field/fans), hockey (off the ice/fans), lacrosse, soccer and championship shirts.

Generally speaking, the biggest concerns you may have are the size of the printed area and the durability of the printing.



The Image Size on Your Team T-shirts

Since we use colour laser printers to print the t-shirt transfers, our maximum printable area is 8.2″ x 10.5″. This is larger than it sounds. The best way to determine how this will look is to hold a piece of paper up to your shirt (or another person’s  shirt) and get a visual image as to how it will look.

If you lay a shirt flat, remember that part of the shirt wraps around the body. What I have done is had some shirts photographed to give you a better representation of how a finished team shirt would look.

When it comes to colours, printing on white, light blue, light pink, sand, ash grey, ice grey, yellow haze, serene green and natural allow for the most colourful artwork on your shirts. However that doesn’t mean that you can’t have darker shirts. There are a number of mid colour shirts that we can print on and still be cost effective.

There is one rule of thumb when it comes to printing t-shirts using t-shirt transfers. The ink colour must be darker than the t-shirt colour. So for example if you wanted red or Kelly green shirts black ink printing will produce great results. If you want daisy yellow or kiwi green shirts rich colours such as medium to dark reds, blues, greens, browns and black print great however pastels are not really dark enough to give a great print.various team t-shirts

The images to the right will give you some insight as to how team t-shirts would look. The yellow haze shirt with “Parkland Posse” on the front is a large t-shirt. The graphic itself is 9.5″ wide x 8″ high. The name and number is 8″ x 10″. The font for the name and number is Impact. This is the standard font that we use however if you have a preference just let us know.

The gold t-shirt has the “Clarington Rovers” logo on the front. This shirt is a large. The front image is 10.5″ x 7.5″ with the name and number being 8″ x 10″. The font used for the name and number was Futura printed in olive green.

The “Rats” logo is printed on a medium tan t-shirt which is one of the mid colour shirt. This t-shirt colour is still light enough to allow for a colourful print. The image on the front and the name and number are both 8″ x 10″.

The “Sharks” t-shirt is an Irish Green size large. The printing on the front is 10.5″ x 8″ with the name and number on the back again being 8″ x 10″ with the font being Market Bold.

The white t-shirt with the red trim on the collar and the cuff of the sleeves is a ringer t-shirt (size medium). The “Bruisers artwork is 10.5″ wide by 7.75″ high. The name and number is 8″ x 10” using the Jersey font with red ink and a black outline.

Now we can print on dark t-shirts with transfers but only with certain designs. Other designs may need to be screen printed. Another alternative to t-shirts would be ringers. With trim around the collar and sleeves, these shirts have a little more pizzazz!

These shirts are available in white bodies with black, red or navy trim or in heather bodies with black, red or navy trim. For a full list of available t-shirts you are welcome to go to our suppliers website at Technosport


The Durability of  Our T-shirt Printing

The new generation of t-shirt transfers that we use offer excellent durability and will stand up to many washings without any appreciable fading if they are washed according to the instructions (cold water, no bleach or bleach additives and hang to dry). Since the printing is applied to the shirts using heat (a commercial heat press), excessive heat will break the printing down.

We have a number of repeat customers who reorder shirts from one season to the next. New players join the team so they need new sizes, names and numbers. However, these customers’ seldomly order shirts to replace the ones we have already made which indicates they are still in good shape and are standing up.

I have added the price list for the cost of shirts for your team. The light and mid-colour shirts are the same price however the ringers are an additional $1.00 per shirt. If you require any XXLs they are an additional $2.00 each.

If you would like regular white t-shirts they are $2.00 less per shirt. See the pricing for personalized t-shirts by clicking here. With the Gildan t-shirts you have the option to add youth t-shirts. Since the ladies shirts are a different cut they break the continuity of a “team look” however you do have the option to have some ladies shirts as well. If you look at our t-shirt colours you’ll be able to determine whether particular colours are available in the styles you want (men’s, youth, ladies and toddlers).


Pricing for Team T-shirts


Team T-shirts Pricelist


If you would like information or pricing for our baseball jerseys please click here. For pricing for printing on dark shirts please send us an email along with your image. Please feel free to browse our website at If you would like any additional information or would like a price quote please send an email to [email protected].  

Team T-shirts

This video shows some examples of our team t-shirts. If you have browsed our website I'm sure you are aware that we print baseball shirts, however not everyone is looking for baseball shirts for their team.

These team t-shirts would look great for volley ball teams, floor hockey, dodge ball or team sport where t-shirts would be more appropriate.

All of our examples have a name and number on the back, however that is completely up to you.

If you would like more information please browse our website at tshirts or send us an email to [email protected] We'd be happy to help you with your team t-shirts project.


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