Our T-shirts for Kids Are Available in Various Styles, Colours and Sizes

If you are looking for t-shirts for kids at TshirtsCanada have a good colour selection and styles of t-shirts for you.





Alstyle has the best selection of colours that include youth, girls, juvenile, toddlers and infants.

There are 30 different colours available in the youth Gildan t-shirts with 6 of those colours also available in toddler sizes.

Another quality brand that we use are made by M&O Knits. Generally we use this brand if our supplier happens to be out of stock in a size in a particular colour. What I mean is, if you ordered Gildan light blue t-shirts in youth S, M, and L but our supplier was out of Gildan mediums, we would switch the whole order to M&O so that all of the t-shirt colours matched. The Gildan light blue is a marginally different shade of blue when compared to the M&O.

So let me begin with the Gildan shirts since that is our first choice. Not because the quality is better, but because our supplier can have the shirts to us the next day. The M&O shirts are from the same suppler so they also arrive the next day.

The Alstyle shirts come from normally  take 2 days.

Of course once we receive the shirts we’ll get your order printed.


Gildan T-shirts for Kids and Toddlers

Gildan T-shirts for Kids Gildan kids T-shirt colours (followed by what other options are available) Y – Youth / T – Toddler / M – Men’s / L – Ladies

  • White – Y, T, M, L
  • Ash Grey  – Y, M
  • Natural – Y, M
  • Light Blue – Y, T, M, L
  • Light Pink – Y, T, M, L
  • Sand – Y, M
  • Sport Grey – Y, T, M, L
  • Red – Y, T, M, L
  • Navy – Y, T, M, L
  • Forest Green – Y, M
  • Black – Y, M, L
  • Royal – Y, T, M, L
  • Cardinal Red – Y, M
  • Maroon – Y, M
  • Lime – Y, M
  • Kelly Green – Y, M
  • Irish Green – Y, M
  • Sapphire – Y, M, L
  • Carolina Blue – Y, M
  • Chocolate – Y, M
  • Purple – Y, M, L
  • Safety Orange – Y, M
  • Gold – Y, M
  • Daisy – Y, M
  • Safety Green – Y, M
  • Indigo – Y, M
  • Orange – Y, M
  • Tangerine – Y, M
  • Charcoal – Y, M
  • Kiwi – Y, M


Please note that this list includes all of the colours available in Youth and Toddler sizes however it is not a complete list for the available men’s or ladies t-shirts. If you’d like to check out the Gildan shirts online you can click this link for the youth shirts. These links take you to our supplier’s website at TechnoSport.com The toddlers shirts are at this link The men’s t-shirts are located here And the ladies shirts are on this page.


Alstyle Has Youth, Girls, Juvenile, Toddlers and Infants Children’s T-shirts


Alstyle T-shirts for Kids


Alstyle has a terrific selection of sizes and colours for children’s t-shirts. Their sizing is: Y – Youth sizes XS, S, M, L and XL G – Girls sizes 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 10/12 and 14/16 J – Juvenile sizes 4, 5/6 and 7 T – Toddler sizes 2T, 3T and 4T I – Infant sizes 6 months, 12 months, 18 months M – Men’s L – Ladies The colour choices are:

  • White – Y, G, J, T, I, M, L
  • Ash – Y, G, J, T, M
  • Athletic Heather – Y, J, T, M, L
  • Banana – Y, G, M, L
  • Black – Y, G, J, T, I, M, L
  • Burgundy – Y, M
  • Cardinal – Y, M
  • Carolina Blue – Y, M
  • Charcoal – Y, J, T, M
  • Charcoal Heather – Y, M, L
  • Coffee – Y, G, M
  • Dark Chocolate – Y, J, T, M, L
  • Gold – Y, J, M
  • Heather Blue – Y, M
  • Hot Pink – Y, G, M, L
  • Hunter Green – Y, M
  • Kelly – Y, M
  • Lime – Y, M, L
  • Military Green – Y, J, T, M, L
  • Navy – Y, J, T, T, M, L
  • Orange – Y, J, T, M
  • Pink – Y, G, J, T, I, M, L
  • Powder Blue – Y, G, J, T, I, M, L
  • Purple – Y, G, M, L
  • Red – Y, J, T, M, L
  • Royal – Y, J, T, M, L
  • Safari Green – Y, M
  • Sand – Y, J, T, M, L
  • Silver – Y, M
  • Texas Orange – Y, M
  • Turquoise – Y, G, M, L
  • Yellow – Y, G, J, T, M

There are additional colours in the men’s sizes as well as the ladies. To view these t-shirts you can go to our supplier’s website (Alstyle). Their site is set up a little weird so please follow these instructions. Go to their website by clicking here To view the children’s t-shirts go to the bottom left of the page and click “Youth” The youth shirts are 3381 The girl’s shirts are 3362 For the juvenile shirts are 3383 The toddler’s shirts are 3380 The infant’s shirts are 1ZEE The men’s t-shirts are 1301 The ladies shirts are 5562 and the v-necks I mentioned are 5500 Of course feel free to check out any of the pages.


M&O Children’s Shirts 

M&O Youth T-shirt 9.4oz 100% Preshrunk cotton Y – Youth sizes XS, S, M, L, XL / Men’s S, M, L, XL, 2XL / No Ladies or Toddlers

  • White – Y, M
  • Sport Grey – Y, M
  • Red – Y, M
  • Navy – Y, M
  • Light Blue – Y, M
  • Black – Y, M
  • Royal – Y, M
  • Kelly Green – Y, M
  • Orange – Y, M
  • Lime – Y, M
  • Platinum – Y, M
  • Sand – Y, M
  • Yellow – Y, M
  • Gold – Y, M
  • Brown – Y, M
  • Light Pink – Y, M
  • Charcoal – Y, M
  • Sapphire – Y, M
  • Purple – Y, M

You can view these shirts online at our supplier’s website (TechnoSport.com) For the M&O youth t-shirts click here or for the men’s t-shirts click on this link.


T-shirt Pricing

Our cost for most of these shirts is the same so to get an idea of pricing please check out these pages.

  • For more info and pricing for printing on white t-shirts click this link
  • For more info and pricing for printing on light colour t-shirts go here.
  • For more info and pricing for printing on mid colour tee shirts use this link
  • We do offer baseball shirts for kids as well. For more info click this
  • To find out about t-shirts for teams click team t-shirts



As you can see there is an excellent selection of colour choices Gildan offers 30 colours in youth with a number of those colours available in toddlers, men’s and ladies. Alstyle has the best selection with 32 youth colours. Being able to get shirts in girls styles as well as infants is also a great help. The M&O shirts are also a very good choice.

There have been times (not often) that our supplier will be out of a colour in a certain size. Being able to switch to M&O shirts kept everything running smoothly. We’ll have the pages for the Alstyle shirts up in a few days. Alstyle has a couple of choices for their ladies shirts. One is a ladies t-shirt cut while the other has a deep v-neck. Naturally, if you decide to check out any of the above websites you are invited to browse freely. If you see something that appeals to you let us know and we can give you a price quote.

If at any time you have questions about any of our t-shirts for kids or if you’d like us to put together a shirt quote for you, please send us an email describing what you are looking for to [email protected]  

T-shirts for Kids

If you are looking for a good selection of t-shirts for kids we have a number of choices available for you. We have t-shirts from Gildan, Alstyle and M&O available in youth, toddler, girls, juvenile and infants. Photo of Gildan t-shirts. Photo of Alstyle t-shirts. Photo of M&O t-shirts.

There are also baseball shirts, polos, sweatshirts and hoodies available in youth sizes
printed with just one or a few colours or full-colour printing. Artwork, graphics, text & photos. These shirts can also include individual names and numbers for team projects.

For more info please browse our website at tshirtscanada.com or send us an email to
[email protected] t-shirts for kids