If you are looking for sweatshirts which are also referred to as fleece oe aweaters we offer a number of colour choices from our Gildan line-up. These polyester / cotton sweatshirts are a 50/50 13.5 ounce “Heavyweight” blend.


No Minimum Order for Printing These Colours of Sweatshirts with Our Quality T-shirt Transfers

The light colours (white, ash grey, light pink, light blue and sand) can be printed with full colour printing using our quality t-shirt transfer printing meaning there is no minimum order. The mid-colours (sport grey, gold, Carolina blue, orange and red) can be printed with our special transfer paper with black ink. You can also have full-colour printing on any colour of fleece for some designs.


Screen Printing

Screen printing is available for any colour of our custom sweatshirts with a variety of ink colours available. For more info on screen printing click here Please remember that with screen printing there is a minimum order of 15 shirts, however you can mix and match the styles. For example you could have 5 t-shirts, 5 sweatshirts and 5 polos providing the images were the same on all of the shirts. You can mix and match shirt colours and sizes.  


Sweatshirt Colours, Sizes and Styles 2013 Sweatshirts-2-2013


Sweatshirts Available in Both Adult (unisex) and Youth (unisex)

  • White – 3XL
  • Sport Grey – 5XL
  • Black – 5XL
  • Navy – 5XL
  • Red  – 3XL (youth S, M, L only)


Available in Adult Sizes Only

  • Ash Grey – 3XL
  • Light Pink – 2XL
  • Light Blue – 2XL
  • Sand – 3XL
  • Gold – 2XL
  • Carolina Blue – 2XL
  • Orange – 2XL
  • Forest Green – 3XL
  • Cherry Red – 2XL
  • Irish Green – 2XL
  • Charcoal – 3XL
  • Royal Blue – 2XL
  • Indigo Blue – 2XL
  • Purple – 2XL
  • Maroon – 2XL
  • Dark Chocolate – 2XL
  • Dark Heather – 3XL


For the most up to date list visit our suppliers page by clicking Here. For youthe sizes and colpurs Click Here.


If at any time you have questions about our sweatshirts or would like t Get a Quote you can send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 506-654-4328. We’ll be happy to give you our suggestions and best pricing.