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Screen Printing Shirts – Any Colour

screen printing on a red shirt

For Screen Printing there is a Minimum Order of 15 Shirts

To print some graphics on dark or black t-shirts a different process is required. We use a split screen method. In other words we have your image/graphic/lettering screen printed onto paper and then it is applied to the t-shirt again using a heat press. This not only applies the ink to the t-shirt but the heat also properly cures the ink.

In this process you have the choice of ink colour and can have from 1 – 6 different colours. There is a setup charge for each colour and t-shirts printed with just one colour are going to be less money than t-shirts with 2 colours, etc.

When you check out the price list, please be sure that you are reading from the correct price list. This process can also be used for cost-effectively printing larger quantities on white or any colour of shirt or polo.

The term screen printing and silk screening refer to the same process.


Four things that are very important to remember with screen printing shirts are:

2-Colour Screen Printing

1. The more ink colours you have the higher the  “cost per shirt” for screen printing. In other words, the cost for 25 shirts with 2-colour printing will be cost more than doing the same 25 shirts with 1-colour screen printing.

2. The more shirts you order the lower the “cost per shirt” The cost to set up and prepare your design for screen printing is spread out over the number of shirts and there are various price points. So the cost per shirt for 150 shirts is noticeably less than 25 shirts.

3. Screen Printing in Different Locations Affects the Price of the Shirt Screen printing on just the front of the shirt is more expensive than printing on the front and the back or on the front and back and both sleeves. Every time the shirt needs to be moved, the printing costs increase. Naturally this applies to Process 1 & 2 as well.

4. We Cannot Screen Print Images With a Gradient Fill. Screen printing is not suitable for a gradient fill which is when one colour changes to become another colour (eg. yellow slowly changes to blue). Gradient fills are also used to have an image colour slowly fade out. Also, drop shadows are a form of a gradient fill.


The ink colour choices for screen printing are:



Beige, Black, Bubblegum Pink, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Carolina Blue, Celery, Charcoal, Columbia Blue, Cream, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Denim, Dolphin, Eggplant, Flesh, Fuchsia, Gold, Grey, Jade, Kelly, Lavender, Maroon, Medium Brown, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Mid-blue, Midnight Blue, Natural, Navy Blue, Old Gold, Olive, Orange, Peach, Purple, Raspberry, Red, Royal, Shark Teal, Tan, Tennessee Orange, Texas Orange, Turquoise, Vegas Gold, White and Yellow. Please remember that all monitors don’t display colours the same so use this only as a general guideline. The inks are  quality plastisol ink which is designed for printing on fabric. We also ensure that the ink is properly cured so that your shirts will not only look great but they will be durable.



  • Screen printing works for printing that is lighter than the t-shirt colour (light colour ink on dark shirts). Naturally it also works if the ink colour is darker or even the same colour as the shirt. You can have screen printing using  black ink on black shirts! Very subtle.
  • Screen printing is particularly ideal for large quantities where one or a only a few ink colours are used including white.
  • Prints on any colour of t-shirt.
  • With screen printing, areas inside and outside of the graphic have absolutely no residue from the transfer paper since the paper itself is a plain uncoated paper. We can also achieve this with some designs using our custom tshirts self weeding t-shirt transfer paper with Process 1.
  • The form of screen printing we use is split-screen transfers which are made using high quality Plastisol ink.
  • Our screen printing application process cures the ink properly on the t-shirt as it is being printed so that the shirts look great and have excellent durability.
  • Very competitive pricing. Please send us an email along with the image you want printed to [email protected]
  • We use Gildan “Ultra” 100% cotton t-shirts (pre-shrunk)
  • Every shirt is individually bagged and tagged with your logo, the t-shirt size, and washing instructions.


Unfortunately, there are so many variables involved with screen printing that we are unable to post the prices. Please see Video 3 on the right sidebar and send an email with answers to the required questions along with your image attached. We absolutely must see the image to give you a quote. Please allow 24 hours for a response.