Printing on 12 or More Shirts Using Our T-shirt Transfers

Our quantity discounts for shirt printing using t-shirt transfers begins with printing on 12 or more shirts. Now this can be 12 or more identical shirts or 12 or more shirts of different styles. Let me clarity by illustrating a few different scenarios: (when we say men’s shirts we are referring to the standard unisex t-shirt)

  • 12 shirts with identical printing in the same position on the shirt. These shirts can be any sizes and styles.
    • Example 1 – All white shirts with the large graphic printing across the front; 5 men’s, 4 ladies, 3 youth and 1 toddler.
    • Using the price list below you can see that the cost for these shirts would be 12 x $8.75 = $105.00 plus shipping and tax. (the column that says Large Graphic – Best Value – 12 – 99
    • If you live in Kelowna the shipping would be approximately $18.00 and the tax rate would be GST (since BC is no longer an HST province)
    • This means the total would be 12 x $8.75 = $105.00 plus $18.00 for shipping = $123.00 plus GST = $129.15 for an all-inclusive cost of $129.15.
    T-Shirt Printing Options No Minimum

    There Is No Minimum Order For Printing Shirts Similar to These


Tshirts Printing Prices on White Gildan 2000 Series Tshirts - 2012


Of course you are not restricted to just white t-shirts. These price lists are to give you an idea and some examples. Click to see more info for printing on light colour t-shirts


T-shirt Printing Mixed With Other Shirts in the Same Order

  • Let’s expand the above info to include a more mixed order and lets say that you want 18 shirts in total – 3 youth light blue, 4 youth light pink, 1 adult 2XL in sand, 3 ladies t-shirts in ash grey (Gildan 5000 Series), 4 polos in white (2 – S, 2 – M) and 3 adult hoodies in ash grey (1 – S, 1 – L, 1 – XL).
    • Since there are more than 12 shirts we extend the 12-99 pricing although the price per shirt will vary by the style.
    • Below is the price list for printing on light colour shirts. You’ll see that the price is $2.00 more per shirt on light colours.
  • 3 youth light blue, 4 youth light pink are $10.75 each
  • The adult 2XL is $12.75 ($10.75 plus $2.00 for it being a @XL)
  • The 3 ladies t-shirts in ash grey are $10.75 each
  • White polos are an additional $5.00 each. The printing would be on the left chest so if you look at the price list for white shirts you’ll see that the base price for 12 or more shirts with a logo/small graphic is $7.25. For the polos the cost would be $12.25 each.
  • The hoodies are an additional $10.00 each so using the light colour shirts list and under the 12 – 99 column the cost for printing the ash grey hoodies would be $19.75 each.
  • This may all sound a little confusing however the main point is to let you know that we are always endeavouring to give you the best pricing possible so this would work out to:
    • 10 x $10.75 (7 youth and 3 ladies t-shirts) = $107.50
    • 1 x $12.75 for the men’s sand t-shirt in 2XL = $12.75
    • 4 x $12.25 for the white polos = $49.00
    • 3 x $19.75 for the ash grey hoodies = $59.25
    • This sub-totals to $228.50
    • Shipping would be $22.50
    • If the shirts were being shipped to Hamilton the tax rate would be HST
    • The final cost with the shipping and tax would be $228.50 plus Shipping = $251.00 plus HST = $283.63


Tshirts Printing Prices on Light and Mid Colour Tshirts - 2012


One More scenario – Baseball shirts and Team T-shirt Printing

We print a lot of baseball shirts especially in the spring. Normally there is 12 – 20 players on the team and most teams like their team logo or team name on the front and the players names and numbers on the backs so these shirts are personalized. Our standard baseball shirts are a unisex design made by M&O Knits.

Note that our best pricing begins with Printing on 12 or more shirts. Here is the price list:


M&O Knits Baseball Shirts Price List


We can also print team t-shirts. Our pricing is based on personalizing the t-shirts.


Team T-shirts and Personalized T-shirts Pricing for WhiteT-shirts


For More Information on Printing on 12 or More Shirts

To find out more about t-shirt printing on various colours of shirts see the links in the boxes below or send an email to [email protected]