Printing One T-shirt or a Few Shirts (1 – 14 or more)

If you are looking for printing  on one t-shirt or a few shirts we have some options for you. This applies whether you are looking for t-shirts, baseball shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeve, sleeveless, ringers and/or tank tops. It also applies to men’s, ladies, youth, toddlers and infants. And this also applies to 100% cotton, 50%/50% (poly/cotton), 100% organic and our moisture wicking performance  shirts. What the major determining factor in the pricing is the colour of the shirts.


Your One T-shirt or a Few Shirts Printing Options

printing  on one t-shirt or a few

There Is No Minimum Order For Printing Shirts Similar to These


We can print on any colour of shirt however there may be times when we need to modify your artwork to allow us to cost effectively print shirt designs. Please note that for orders fewer than 15 we use t-shirt transfers. (We have a minimum order of 15 for screen printing). However very often this style of t-shirt printing is more cost effective than screen printing, particularly where more than one ink colour is involved.


What Are T-shirt Transfers?

T-shirt transfers are a specially coated paper that we print using colour laser printers and then bond that image to the shirt using a commercial heat press. The t-shirt transfer papers we use are a new generation of paper that is substantially better than the transfer papers of the past. The printing on the shirt is far more durable and has a much softer touch than the papers of the past. 

Since they are printed with a colour laser printer this method is ideal for printing  just one t-shirt or a few shirts. We use 3 different types of t-shirt transfer paper to print t-shirts. One for printing on white and light colours of shirts, a different paper for mid colour shirts and a third one for printing on dark shirts or any colour of shirt that requires white ink.

However it is not necessary for you to determine which t-shirt transfer paper would be best for your artwork, we’ll do that for you.


One t-shirt or a few

T-shirt Printing Options

White Shirts

Any white shirts have the most options since any white in your image or artwork will be transparent on the shirt. This shirt colour is ideal for all kinds of artwork including logos, photos and text. The t-shirt transfers that we use are durable and essentially transparent so there are no signs as to where the transfer meets the shirt.


Light Colour Shirts

We use the same process and transfer paper on the light colour shirts as the white shirts.


Mid Colour Shirt Printing

When it comes to printing on mid-colour shirts the rule of thumb is that the ink colour must be darker than the shirt colour.


Printing on Dark Shirts

If you have an image, artwork or photograph and it must have white ink, this process is certainly an option however occasionally your graphics may need to be modified. Looking at the photos to the left will give you some options as to what is possible.


You Can Order Just 1 or a Few Shirts

  • You have your choice of T-shirts, baseball shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, ringers, long sleeve, sleeveless and tank tops in any available colours.
  • White shirts are generally less expensive than colour shirts since the shirts themselves cost us less at the wholesale level.
  • Absolute full colour on any white shirt
  • Full colour printing on any light colour shirt. However any white areas in your image will be transparent since there is no white ink in colourlaser printers (note: Oki has introduced a new series of printers with white toner). This means that if we were to print the Canadian flag on a light blue t-shirt, the flag would be red and light blue.
  • Printing on mid colour shirts may be done however the ink colour must be darker than the shirt colour. So if you wanted a red shirt the ink colour would need to be dark red or black etc.
  • We can print on dark shirts with full colour printing however your artwork may need to be modified to work for this process.


Here are some examples to give you some ideas and possibilities. All of the shirts (except for 21) have no minimum order so you can order just one t-shirt or a few. (I’ve also included comments for additional clarity)

  • Photo 1 is a white t-shirt with colour printing on the chest. This is a 1-of-a-kind. This customer ordered just one shirt.
  • Photo 2, 3 and 4 is a polo with the company name on the left chest. These people ordered 8 shirts in total. Four polos one (2 adult and 2 youth) as well as 4 t-shirts (1 men’s, 2 ladies and 1 youth) all shirts had the same printing.
  • Photos 5, 6, 7 and 8 – This person orders 2 shirts every year to celebrate his anniversary (5, 6, 7 & 8). Both shirts; 1 men’s and 1 ladies have the same printing on the left chest however the back has different text on each shirt.
  • Photo 9 & 10 are a baseball shirt. You can have just 1, 2 ,3 or as many colours including full colour printing on the front and if you like the back can be personalized with a players name and number. They ordered 11 shirts.
  • Photos 11 and 12 are a light blue shirt.
  • In photo 13 the bee originally had white eyes. Since any white areas of your artwork are transparent these areas take on the colour of the shirt.
  • Photo 14 is black ink printing on a long sleeve red shirt.
  • Photos 15 and 16 are team t-shirts. The ink colour is dark blue on kiwi shirts. Each of the backs had a different number.
  • Photos 17 & 18. Very often we are asked to print just 1 or a few black t-shirts with white ink. For us, this requires screen printing so we often recommend this set-up. Sport grey shirts with black ink. This is a cost effective alternative for small quantities.
  • Photos 19 and 20 show how printing photos or artwork can be done on dark shirts or any shirt colour that requires white ink. If you notice, there is an artistic border around the artwork in photo 19. This is because the ink colour can never match the fabric colour. This allows the transition from the transfer to the shirt fabric to be more subtle.
  • Photo 21 is screen printing. Photo 22 shows another alternative (also see Photo 17 and 18) to having white ink on a black or any dark colour shirt.


Of course if you have any questions or would like a quote just contact us; [email protected] or call us.