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T-shirt Printing on Dark Shirts (and Light Colour Shirts that require white ink)


*ANY Quantityfor dark shirts using this process (including just one)


If you have an image that you would like printed on a dark shirt and the image can be trimmed then what we refer to as our Process 2 tshirt printing would likely be a workable solution for you.

But remember that we can’t put straight text on the shirt using this process, the text would have to be within a trimable shape.


Tshirt Printing Process 2 Text

For example, let’s say that you have a band and you are just starting out. Your band’s name “The Nan Tuckets” or “TNT” for short and right now you only want 4 shirts.

We would not be able to print just the white text on the black shirts as in the photo on the far left for just 4 shirts. Now it could be screen printed (see Screen Printing) however right now your budget only allows for 4 shirts and screen printing requires a minimum of 25.

If we were to modify your image by placing your text within a black oval with a white outline we would then be able to trim around the graphic this would become doable.

However, please bear in mind that the black ink used inside the oval on the photo on the right will not match the black colour of the shirt. They are two different shades of black and the texture is different. Having said that this style of t-shirt printing  still look good.


Printing Photos On Dark Shirts

Tshirt Printing Photo T-shirt

Tshirt Printing Photo T-shirt

As another example, let’s say that you wanted us to print one forest green t-shirt for you with a photo of your kids. You would like the text “The Boys” written above the photo.

We are unable to to do that type of tshirt printing  using Process 2 printing.

However, if we took the same photo and incorporated the text “The Boys” within the photo (this is very easy for us to do), then we would be able to trim around the edges of the photo and apply it to the t-shirt.

Now there are times when you want your graphic art to include white ink.


Custom Tshirt Printing on a Daisy Yellow Tshirt

Custom Tshirt Printing on a Daisy Yellow Tshirt

Printing On Any Colour of Shirt that Requires White Ink

This is a example of an image that was printed on a daisy yellow t-shirt. The white was a necessary part of the image so we used this printing process. Since we were able to trim around the perimeter of the design on the yellow shirt we were able to use this tshirt printing method with these shirts.

Now as with every printing process there are advantages, disadvantages and limitations.

Below, I’ve summarized the advantages and disadvantages of Process 2 tshirt printing followed by the pricing…


T-shirt Printing Advantages:

  • Full Colour Tshirt Printing including white ink
  • No Minimum Order — Any Quantity (1, 12, 40, 150 or more — order the exact the quantity you need)
  • No setup costs or any additional charges for this method of tshirt printing for orders of 12 or more (except for tax and shipping)
  • Very affordable tshirt printing pricing (see below)
  • Gildan “Ultra” 100% cotton t-shirts (pre-shrunk)
  • Every shirt is individually bagged and tagged with your logo, the t-shirt size, and washing instructions.
  • Can be printed on any colour shirt


T-shirt Printing Limitations:

  • The transfer is trimmed of unwanted paper before it is pressed, therefore this process of tshirt printing only works with a square image or any other shape that is completely enclosed and easily trimable.
  • Great for tshirt printing your CD covers, flags, photographs etc.
  • Text can be added as long as it is within the borders of your artwork.


Here’s How the Dark Shirts Printing & Pricing Works

You can have the t-shirt printing in different areas. This is just a guideline.

Tshirt Printing on Blue T-shirts Using Process 2


Logo/Small Graphic means printing on the left chest with no printing on the back of the t-shirt

Large Graphic means you can print large on the front of the t-shirt OR large on the back of the t-shirt

Logo/Small Graphic & Large Graphic means a printing on the left chest and large on the back

Large Graphic & Large Graphic means large on the front and large on the back


Price List fo Tshirt Printing on Dark Shirts Using Process 2


Printing on Dark Shirts – Colour Choices

Dark T-shirt Colours 2013

For a complete list of available sizes and colours for your t-shirt printing project please go to:

Custom Tshirt Printing Colours and Sizes