We Can Print on Mid-Colour Shirts If We Use Black or Dark Ink Colours

No Minimum Order for these mid-colour shirts

If yiu are looking for only one or a few shirts we can still help you. With the printing process outlined on this page there is no minimum order. Of course if you need several shirts screen printing may be the better ofrion (the minimum order for screen printing is 15)


The general rule of thumb is that the ink colour must be darker than the t-shirt colour.

So, if you want to have lighter shades of mid-colour shirts many strong ink colours will print just fine. For example  if you wanted gold or  lime green t-shirts, the colours red, darker blues, greens, purples and browns etc. would print on the shirts just fine. However as the shirt colour gets darker, the choice of ink colours decreases.

On a sport grey shirt, black ink printing works the best.

Now with any shirts printed using this type of printing there are no minimums for your tshirts. You also have the option of using this printing method to have team t-shirts with a name and number on the back or personalized t-shirts etc for a wedding or any event you have in mind. For more info go to https://tshirtscanada.com/personalized-team-shirts/


Colour Choices for Printing on Mid-Colour Shirts

colour choices for mid-colour shirts


The printing process that we use for printing these custom tee shirts uses a relatively new type of t-shirt transfer paper. This paper only applies the ink to the t-shirt. Any areas where there is no ink on the paper releases without leaving that polymer window. You have likely seen t-shirts that have an ugly grayish box around the image. This is the polymer window I am referring to.

If you have us print your custom tees there is no polymer window. If we were to print the letter O, the inside of the O feels and looks exactly the same as the outside since there is no coating from the transfer paper left on the t-shirt.

In the image below, I’ve photographed a sport grey t-shirt that was printed using traditional transfer paper and transfer paper using this special process. You’ll notice that the printing at the top has the polymer window. The images below and to the right do not.


Custom tshirts printed without the polymer window


The Pricing for Mid Colour Customized T-shirts is the Same As the Pricing for Light Colour T-shirts


Custom Tshirts Printing Prices on Light and Mid Colour Tshirts - 2012


If you have any questions or would like a price quote for your mid-colour shirts please send click on this link TshirtsCanada Price Quote and send us an email.