Printing Custom T-shirts

Printing Custom T-shirts - on any colour of fabricBelow are links that’ll give you more information on custom t-shirts. We have a number of choices available when it comes to printing t-shirts  as well as the printing methods that are well suited to the different colours. The pages that are linked below particularly focus on t-shirt printing, however the same process can be applied to to any colour of shirt printing. The links are as follows:


Printing on White T-shirts

Printing on White Tshirts White custom t-shirts offer the most flexibility since the t-shirt colour is white rather than a colour. Since we use a colour laser printer and t-shirt transfer paper the colours in your image will reproduce essentially perfectly. This means that if we were to print the Canadian flag on a white t-shirt the flag would be red and white. Now when we are printing on light colours of t-shirts the white areas of the Canadian flag would be red and the colour of the shirt. In other words, printing on an ash grey shirt the flag would be red and ash grey. On light blue, red and light blue:


Printing on Light Colour Custom T-shirts

Printing on Light Colour Shirts As the shirt colour gets darker our choices for no minimum t-shirts diminishes for full colour printing, unless we use the process used for printing on dark shirts. (see below).


Printing on Mid Colour Shirts

Printing on Mid Colour Shirts Essentially, the darker the shirt the darker the required ink colour. In other words, if you want sapphire shirts we would need to use black ink however with orange shirts a number of colour of ink still works such as reds, greens and blues etc. Now we have another option available. You can print on any colour of shirt with this process. As with all of the above t-shirt printing processes we use quality t-shirt transfer papers that are printed using a colour laser printer and then applied to the shirt with a commercial heat press. These transfers have fabulous colour and a among the most durable transfer papers available.


Printing to Dark T-shirts (or Colour of Shirt That Requires White

The final option we have for no minimum t-shirts is our Printing to Dark T-shirts method. This method is not only suitable for dark shirts but for any artwork or photographs that require white of light ink colours. Basically this t-shirt transfer paper is coated with white ink and then is run through a colour laser printer. These transfers can be printed in full colour. The only drawback is that the excess white areas of the transfer paper must be trimmed away.


Printing Custom T-shirts using Screen Printing

These are the basic outline of our t-shirt printing options. Of course we do more than printing with t-shirt transfers, we also offer absolutely great looking and durable screen printing (up to 6 colours). For more info on our screen printing click here. Of course with screen printing there is a minimum order of 25 shirts.


For more info on any of our shirt printing processes please browse our website or send an email to [email protected]

Tshirts Canada Printing on Any Colour of Shirt

At Tshirts Canada we can print on any colour of shirt, many options include no minimum. We offer both t-shirt transfer printing as well as screen printing.