Custom Baseball Shirts

When it comes to printing custom baseball shirts at TshirtsCanada we have a great selection of jerseys to choose from including unisex shirts for adults and youth as well as ladies jerseys for women’s teams.


We Offer 4 Different Brands of Baseball Shirts

Baseball Shirts Brands


So let me give you a rundown as to what is available.

  • For adult(men’s or men’s and women’s teams there are the unisex shirts from by M&O Knits and Alstyle Apparel.
  • For youth teams or teams requiring both youth and adults there are the unisex jerseys from The Authentic T-shirt Company (ATC).
  • For women’s teams there are the Bella ladies jerseys.
  • There are also the Bella unisex jerseys.


This video is 3 minutes and 35 seconds and will give you an overview as to brands, styles, colour choices and available sizes.

If you have a design for the front of the shirt we can print it or if you have an idea we can put together a design for you. Just tell us what you have in mind.

Our normal request for printing these shirts is to have printing across the chest and a name and number on the back but of course you can have the printing set-up the way you like.


Baseball Shirt with Names and Numbers


Baseball Shirts from M&O Knits

Our best-selling shirts are from M&O Knits. These are a unisex shirt available with either white or heather bodies with your choice of black, red, navy, or royal 3-quarter sleeves. They are available in sizes small to 2XL.

These shirts are 100% cotton so they can easily have full colour printing.

For pricing and to find out more about our M&O baseball shirts click here

Link to our M&O suppliers page: Click here


Baseball Jerseys from Alstyle Apparel

If you have anyone on your team who requires a 3XL the Alstyle shirts are priced the same as the M&O so they would be another excellent choice for adult softball or baseball teams. These shirts are available with white bodies and black, red, navy or royal blue 3-quarter sleeves or heather bodies with black or navy sleeves.

These shirts are also 100% cotton so they can have full colour printing.


The Difference Between the M&O and Alstyle Baseball Shirts

The Differences Between MO and Alstyle BaseballShirts


The difference between the Alstyle shirts and the M&O and other baseball shirts is the hem at the bottom of the shirt. If you look at the bottom of the shirts you’ll notice that the Alstyle jerseys are contoured and the M&O (and others) are cut straight across.

For pricing and for more info about our Baseball Jerseys from Alstyle Apparel Click This Link Here

Link to our Alstyle Apparel suppliers page: Click This Link


The Authentic T-shirt Companies’ Baseball Uniforms (ATC)

If you are involved in a youth team and are looking for a combination for both youth and adult baseball shirts, the 100% cotton shirts from The Authentic T-shirt Company (ATC) is your best option. These shirts have the widest range of available sizes. The youth are available in small to XL and the adult sizes range right from XS to 4XL. These shirts have white bodies with black, red, navy or royal 3-quarter sleeves.

Go here for pricing and more info about the baseball uniforms from The Authentic T-shirt Company

Link to our ATC cotton suppliers page:Click here for adult / Click here for youth


Bella Ladies Softball Jerseys

For ladies teams, we have the softball jerseys from Bella Knits. These ladies shirts are a slim fit with contoured sides. They are available with white bodies and black, red, pink and navy 3-quarter sleeves. These women’s baseball shirts come in small to XL.

Our Bella Ladies Softball Jerseys info page is here

Our Bella Women’s Baseball Shirts page


100% Cotton or Cotton/Polyester Blend

All of the aforementioned shirts with white bodies are 100% cotton and can have fully personalized printing with any number of ink colours on the front including just one or a few colours or full colour with names and numbers on the back. For the shirts with sport or athletic grey they are a cotton / poly blend. Dark ink colours are required. (Athletic Heather 90/10 cotton/polyester Alstyle & M&O).


Bella Unisex Baseball Jerseys

Bella also carries a unisex version of their baseball shirts. They are available with white bodies and black, red, navy, royal and asphalt grey 3-quarter sleeves in sizes XS to XL. These shirts are a cotton/polyester blend and can be printed with our t-shirt transfers.

Click for more detailed info and pricing on our Bella Unisex Baseball Jerseys

Our suppliers’ information page for Bella Unisex Baseball shirts


Ordering Additional Shirts if Team Members Change

All of these shirts are normally printed with our quality t-shirt transfers so if you add new members to your team, reordering a few more shirts is easy. Just send us an email.


Other Styles for Team T-shirts

Of course you might prefer some other style of shirts for your team. This is equally possible. We have t-shirts including some great new styles such as tie-dye and camo (camouflage), as well as ringers, tank tops and polos.

Team T-shirts:



If Your T-shirt Design is Ready


Questions or Would Like a Quote?

If you have any questions about any of our baseball shirts  or would like a quote send an email to [email protected] or call 289-356-3429.We are located in Canada in Oshawa, ON and ship throughout Canada.

Custom Baseball Shirts at TshirtsCanada

At TshirtsCanada we have an excellent selection of baseball shirts. They can be printed with a full colour artwork or team name on the front and each players name &number on the back. We have unisex shirts for men's or mixed teams, baseball jerseys for youth as well as ladies baseball for women's softball teams. For more information visit our website.