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Custom Shirt Printing Gift Ideas

Birthdays Christmas Gift IdeasIf you’re looking for unique gift ideas, a custom T-shirt, baseball shirt or hoodie printed for a birthday, special occasion or Christmas gift, could be an excellent  option for you. Of course, we also have a selection of other shirt styles such as tank tops, polos, sweatshirts, longsleeved tees, sleeveless and ringers.


Some Gift Ideas for You…

Is Someone In Your Family An Artist Or A Photographer?

 Imagine how they would feel if you took their “creativity” and had it printed on a shirt. All we need in order to do this, is a high quality image. This works whether it is a hand drawn sketch or painting or artwork done on a computer.

I remember a father sending us an image of a drawing that his seven year old had done. We printed three t-shirts; one for him, one for his wife and one for his daughter.

Another time we printed 20 T-shirts with a different design on each shirt. The person who ordered the T-shirts was an art dealer from Vancouver who represented 20 artists from New Guinea. He had us print one shirt with one of the artists painting for each of the 20 artists as a gift for them. We’ve done this for numerous artists over the years.

The same thing would apply if you or someone is into photography. Our printing process is very clear and the results are excellent. We can also add a caption or any other ideas you have. If you can print it on your computer we can print it on a shirt.

Example of a Meme

Example of a Meme


Do You Have a Favourite Expression Or Meme?

We can print just text or a meme that is artwork / text or a photograph with the text as well (those images on Facebook are called memes). However please be aware that we cannot print images or logos that have a copyright. In other words no “Mickey Mouse” unless you drew it yourself.


Printing on Different Colours of Shirts

White and light-coloured shirts allow us to do full colour printing. When it comes to printing on mid-colour and dark shirts we have options available for that as well.

So let me give you some design ideas as to what would work for one of a kind shirts whether it be T-shirts, baseball jerseys or hoodies, etc.

Printing on white fabric has no challenges at all. We can do full colour printing. Any white areas in your design are transparent so are the colour of the shirt. Hence, Santa’s beard would be white on a white shirt.

On light colour shirts we can still do full colour printing however any white areas would be the colour of the shirt. For example, Santa’s beard on a light blue shirt would be light blue.

As the shirt colour gets darker full colour printing becomes more restricted. These shirts are printed with a colour laser printer using our quality T-shirt transfers. When we press the transfer onto the shirt the image will somewhat blend with the shirt colour. So if we were to print yellow on a red shirt it actually becomes a shade of brown. The solution is to use dark strong colours. The general rule is the ink colour must be darker than the shirt colour. Of course this applies to printing graphic art and text.

If you are looking to have photographs printed on mid-colour or dark shirts we use a different process. This special printing paper that we use to apply your image to the shirt has a white background. This works great for a number of designs but not all.

 Below I have a few different scenarios. 


More Gift Ideas

Printing Photographs on Shirts Custom Shirts Printing Example 1

In our first example you’ll see that we’ve taken the photo, dressed it up a bit and added text to the bottom. This image can be printed on any colour of shirt.




Printing Text with ClipartCustom Shirts Printing Example 2

In this example the text and the clipart can be printed with any colour of ink on the white and light colour shirts (this shirt is ash grey). As the fabric colour gets darker the ink must get darker. On the heliconia hoodie we made the ink colour black. On the black t-shirt the artwork doesn’t show. In order for this to work we would need to screen print the shirt using white or some other lighter colour of ink. Unfortunately there is a minimum order of 15 shirts for this process. What we normally suggest when someone wants only one or a few black shirts with white ink printing is to modify it and use sport grey shirts with black ink.


Graphic Tee ShirtsCustom Shirts Printing Example 3

 This final example was designed by a graphic artist and sent to us. Printing on white shirts and light colours is fine however, to effectively print on mid-colour and dark shirts would require screen printing which again has a minimum order of 15 shirts.


No Minimum Order on Most Designs

Most of these gift ideas have no minimum order for many designs however as you can see there are certain designs that would require screen printing which has a minimum order of 15 identical shirts. However, if you have a design in mind that would be too expensive to print we have some “workarounds” that we can suggest for ordering just one or a few shirts.

 Another thing I would like to bring to your attention is if you are thinking of different shirts for different people. You can mix and match shirts. What I mean is, if you wanted an order with two T-shirts (one ladies and one youth), a hoodie and a baseball shirt this is not a problem of any kind. All of these shirts could have something different printed on them. If you already have a design or designs – great! If you don’t just let us know your ideas and we can put it together for you. No charge!



If Your Design is Ready


Once we see your ideas, art work / photos we can tell you the most cost effective solution.

 We are always happy to provide you with a quote and a no-obligation mock-up to give you an idea of how your printing would look on the shirt.

 Please send us your ideas to [email protected] or give us a call at 289-356-3429.

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