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T-shirt History – Iconic Moments

T-shirts in the News – T-shirt History

While researching material for our “T-shirts in the News” blog here at I came across three really t-shirt history I Love NYinteresting t-shirt history articles. Since many Americans believe that they invented the t-shirt (there is evidence that supports that the t-shirt had it’s beginnings in the fashion district in Manchester, England in the late 19th century). there have been a number of articles recently celebrating the 100th anniversary. Read more at this post: click here

Regardless of its origins, the t-shirt has become a staple in virtually everyone’s wardrobe. It began to be a fashion statement back in the 50’s thanks to Marlon Brando and James Dean. Now I personally remember as a kid my parents calling the kid down the street a hoodlum because he had a leather jacket and a white t-shirt. I also remember how cool it was to have a Pink Floyd or Rolling Stones shirt back in the early 70’s. T-shirts are still cool! This first article from the Kansas City Star lists a number of key dates as well a a few memorable photos.

Iconic moments in T-shirt history Kansas City Star According to legend, T-shirt sales plummet. But Ts remain the shirt of choice for dockworkers, farmers, miners and others who toil in the heat. 1938: The Sears catalog sells “gob”-style/sailor shirts for 24 cents each. “It’s an undershirt. It’s an  …More at Iconic moments in T-shirt history – Kansas City Star

This next article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune has three pages of interesting and entertaining information tidbits about our beloved tee shirts.

The T-shirt turns 100: A retrospective Minneapolis Star Tribune Soon, other branches of the service began issuing the ever-practical T-shirt, with similar restrictions. All was well until servicemen returning from World War II wore their standard-issue white T-shirts as shirts. The look gained a following, then  and more »…More at The T-shirt turns 100: A retrospective – Minneapolis Star Tribune

The following article again has a lot of interesting info. For example, did you know that the “Boston Strong” t-shirts sold 57,560 units to raise money for those injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Fitting history to a T For 100 years, the simple T-shirt has had our backs Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Without the Navy’s innovation, Mike Collins of Wauwatosa would not have his beloved 20-year-old Rose Bowl T-shirt — a shirt held together, he claims, by “the faintest of covalent molecular bonds.” It would be impossible to wordlessly brag that one  For 100 years, the simple T-shirt has had our backs MENAFN.COM all 5 news articles »…More at Fitting history to a T For 100 years, the simple T-shirt has had our backs – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Interesting stuff! Of course if you have a project of your own that having t-shirts would be a benefit, let us know. We’d love to help you. To find out more about our t-shirt printing please browse our website at or send an email to us at [email protected],com. We’ll do our best to help your project become a success.

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