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100 Years of the History of the T-shirt

While checking for newsworthy stories relating to T-shirts I came upon this post about the history of the t-shirt.

History of the T-shirt

Now when I did my research I found that the t-shirt predates the introduction of the shirts into the US Navy in 1913. If fact there is evidence that the t-shirt came into existence in the late 19th century in Manchester, England where they began to appear in the poverty ridden sections surrounding the textiles mills. However it was the inclusion of the t-shirt as part of the Navy’s apparel that began the surge in popularity.

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A beloved clothing item, the T-shirt, is celebrating a big birthday this year
To celebrate the 100-year mark, CustomInk, a North Virginia-based printing company, launched a yearlong campaign including a survey of Americans about their beloved tees, a T-shirt birthday webpage ( and social-media activity.
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History of the T-shirt - Marlon Brando

History of the T-shirt – Marlon Brando

When I went to the tshirtbirthday website I discovered this interesting timeline.

This history of the t-shirt timeline was posted at

  • 1913: The US Navy issues crewneck T-shirts to be worn under uniforms.
  • 1920: The word “T-shirt” is officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
  • 1938: Sears introduces a T-shirt for less than a quarter. Known as the “gob” or sailor shirt, it is proclaimed to be either an outer garment or an undershirt.
  • 1948: The Army follows the Navy by introducing the “Quarter Sleeve” shirt, keeping the boys in the Pacific theater cool in the tropical heat.
  • 1951: The T-shirt gains popularity as an outer garment after heartthrob Marlon Brando wears one in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”
  • 1959: The invention of a durable, stretchy and comfortable new ink, Plastisol, opens the door for more designs and screen-printing on T-shirts.
  • 1969: Woodstock positions tie-dye T-shirts as the voice for one’s individuality and the emblem for the era.
  • 1977: Designer Milton Glaser sketches “I (heart) NY” on a napkin, and the logo appears on T-shirts soon after.
  • 1991: The Hypercolor T-shirt, created in the ’80s, reaches its all-time peak selling more than $50 million worth of shirts in a four-month period.
  • 2011: Gildan Activewear takes the title for the world’s largest tee. The 281-foot by 181-foot T-shirt is displayed in Nashville.


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