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T-shirts Can Be Topical

One thing about t-shirts is they sure can relay a message. You can wear a message across you chest for the world to see, or for a least those who are within reading distance. 

Your message at times can be absolutely disturbing if you’re so inclined or your t-shirt or something that puts a smile on your face. However, one thing is for sure, people look at them and read them.

I found a couple of articles that I found newsworthy.

Tales through T-shirts – CNN International

For Douglas Mogle, his favorite T-shirt serves as a memory of the athlete he once was. Now a participant on CNN’s Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge program, Mogle said his washed and worn Norte Dame Baseball T-shirt now motivates him to get back in shape.

“I got it at a summer baseball camp when I was 11,” he said. “The sleeves are cut off and it’s a tad too small for me to wear nowadays. But it reminds me of my youth.”

to ask people to unravel the stories behind their favorite T-shirts. As the stories unfolded, tales of T-shirts forging bonds, sparking emotions and evoking nostalgia emerged….More at Tales through T-shirts – CNN International

Gulf Shores mayor wants obscene t-shirts out of store windows

GULF SHORES    —  The mayor of Gulf Shores is pushing for a city law to restrict stores from displaying t-shirts and other merchandise that contain obscene messages.

Tony Kennon says he was “mortified” by what he saw at a souvenir shop.
The city council is considering an ordinance that would allow stores to keep selling those items as long as they’re kept out of sight….More at Gulf Shores mayor wants obscene t-shirts out of store windows – WEAR

Can we ban T-shirts with strong messages? – Business Management Daily

Q. One of our workers often wears T-shirts with slogans that have a strong political bent to them. Some employees have complained. Is it a violation of employees’ free speech rights to ban such clothing? — Liz, New York

A. When it comes to the issue of freedom of expression on the job, the courts tend to look at each incident on a case-by-case basis. Freedom of expression is not always a protected activity.

In general, the courts consider whether an employer has a valid business justification for banning T-shirts, buttons, emblems, etc. Some accepted justifications for banning insignia include promoting safety, preventing alienation of customers, preventing adverse effects on customers/patients, and preventing dissension and conflict. Also, if messages are denigrating, confrontational or disparaging, an employer can enforce a ban….More at Can we ban T-shirts with strong messages? – Business Management Daily

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