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Thank you for visiting TshirtsCanada. As you can tell, we focus on custom printed t-shirts. Aside from t-shirts we also do other types of shirt printing including polos, ringers, sleeveless, sweatshirts and baseball shirts.

Whether you are looking for one t-shirt printed for yourself or customized t-shirts for your group, school, team, a special event or for any other project you have in mind, e likely can help you.

If you have your own design we can print it or if you just have an idea we can create it for you. In fact, we are able to offer personalized t-shirts or baseball shirts such as having each players name and number on the back or a set of tee shirts like Bride, Mother of the Bride, Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid, etc.

We specialize in custom tshirt printing using quality t-shirt transfers applied to the t-shirts with an automated commercial heat press.

We also do screen printing.

Printing On White Tshirts – Info & Pricing

This means that on white t-shirts, baseball shirts with white bodies, ringers, polos or any printing on white can be in full colour or a few ink colours.

If you are looking for more information and pricing for printing on white t-shirts click on this link >>>  white custom tee shirts

If you are looking for more information and pricing for printing on baseball shirts click on this link >>> softball shirts



Printing On Light Colour T-shirts – Info & Pricing

Now on light colour shirts such as light pink, light blue, yellow haze, ash grey etc. we can print in full colour as well. However, if there is any white in your image that area is transparent since there is no white ink in a colour laser printer.

This means our Canadian flag on a light blue shirt would be red and light blue.

Click on the link for information and pricing for custom printed tshirts in light colours. Click here.


Custom Printed T-shirts –  Mid Colour Shirts – Info & Pricing

We now have the ability to print on mid colour shirts with black ink. This is a real benefit to someone who is hoping for black shirt with white ink. There is a minimum order of 25 for this printing (it requires screen printing). So for example printing on a sport grey shirt with black ink looks terrific.

There are some baseball shirts that have a sport grey body. This printing is ideal for these shirts as well.

Click on the link for information and pricing for printing on mid colour t-shirts.

Click on the link for information and pricing for baseball jerseys with heather grey bodies.


Printing On Dark  Shirts or any Colour Shirts That Requires White Ink – Info & Pricing

Now if you really want black, or purple or navy shirts but don’t need 25 shirts, we have a printing process for that as well. It doesn’t work for everything but there are ways to get it looking good for many of your custom tshirts ideas.

Click on the link for information and pricing for printing on dark shirts or any t-shirts that need white ink as part of the image or artwork. Customized T-shirts


Gildan T-shirts are Featured at TshirtsCanada

Click on this link to find out more about Gildan T-shirts

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Organic T-shirts

Custom Tshirts with Anvil Organic T-shirts 


  6 Key Reasons to Have Us Print Your T-shirts

  • Excellent Looking Printing: We ensure that your images, fonts and artwork on your custom tshirts will print sharp and clear. We have several artwork tools at hand and the experience to know what to do to give you an excellent looking product. This service is provided at no additional cost to you.
  • Quality T-shirt Brands: For your custom tshirts we use Gildan “Ultra” 100% cotton t-shirts (preshrunk) and the preferred brand for your baseball shirts are made by M & O Knits which again are 100% cotton (preshrunk). When requested we also print on Bella and brands from other major manufacturers. Tshirts Canada does not and never will use factory 2nds or cheap “junk” t-shirts.
  • Proper Inks: The majority of our custom tshirts are printed using colour laser printers. Honestly, at Tshirts Canada we go through a lot of toner however we never buy generic brands of toner. For your custom tshirt printing we always use ink from our printer’s manufacturer. Naturally it’s a little more expensive but this way we can ensure that your custom tshirts will look great and give you good durability.Our screen printing uses plastisol inks and the printing is proper cured, again giving you excellent looking and durable shirts.
  • Superior T-shirt Transfer Paper: From reading our website you realize that we print your custom tshirts using colour laser printers and tshirt transfer papers. We apply your transfer to the t-shirt using an automated commercial heat press. The transfer papers we use are premium, commercial grade papers from the industries best t-shirt transfers manufacturers. We print these transfers using their recommended laser printers and apply the transfers to the shirts according to their instructions.
  • Tagging & Bagging: Your custom tshirts or baseball shirts come to you folded, tagged and individually bagged. Your Tshirts Canada tshirt has a tag attached to each t-shirt with the washing instructions, the size of the shirt and a duplication of the image that is printed on the shirt. Having the t-shirt size clearly visible makes distribution clean and easy. This is even more important when you have personalized t-shirts or baseball shirts. The persons name or name and number are printed on the tag so that you don’t have to sort through to figure out which shirt belongs to who.
  • On Time Shipping: Tshirts Canada is located in Canada and can ship everywhere that Canada Post delivers. We also ship by courier when necessary. This means that whether you are in a major city, a small town, a rural area or a remote area in Canada we can get your custom tshirts to you. No border hassles or delays or surprise bills for duties or tariffs. We ship your custom tshirts so that they’ll arrive on time!

We are located in Oshawa, ON which is about 00 minutes east of Toronto.