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T-shirts for Schools – Teams, Music, Drama, Clubs, Events and More

At TshirtsCanada we make t-shirts for schools. We offer two main types of printing. Screen printing and printing using quality t-shirt transfers.


So, if you are looking for t-shirts for:

  • one of your school teams
    • volleyball
    • basketball (tank tops and shorts)
    • hockey (off ice)
    • football (off the field)
  • any sports function
  • shirts for the drama department
  • music or choir
  • school clubs
  • projects and fundraisers
  • for the staff
  • t-shirts for the school in general


Or whatever you have in mind, we can probably hep you. You see…

We’ve Printed 1000’s of School T-shirts

Since we began printing t-shirts in the mid 1990’s we’ve done thousands of t-shirts for schools.


T-shirts for Schools and Other Special Events and Functions

Many schools have graduation t-shirts where we have either printed the signatures of the students on the back or simply printed on the front only and the students signed wherever they wanted.

We’ve also printed numerous shirts for performing arts schools. Bravo Academy School for the Performing Arts is one such school. We have been printing shirts for their cast members for the past number of years (and we certainly hope to continue).

With their performing rights to their different musical and plays, they also have the licensing rights to have t-shirts made with the production’s graphic on the front (Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, A Christmas Carol, etc.) and on the back they have designs that include the members of the cast, director, choreographer and music director along with the date and website.

T-shirts for Schools

You see we have the ability to cost effectively print in full colour on white and light colour t-shirts and with this printing there is no minimum order. This option is absolutely terrific if there is a small club or group in the school.

I remember a few years back, my son was part of an anti-bullying squad in his school so I had my son design the image he wanted and we printed up six shirts for his school.

You can create your own design either using a computer program or hand drawn and scanned.

We can take your image and print it on shirts for you. Or if one of your students is artistic (I’m sure you have many), you can scan the image and again we can print that on shirts as well.

One particular time I remember was from a school north of Toronto. They were doing a production of Aladdin. They submitted a scan of a drawing and the titling that was hand drawn by one of the students. They wanted that image screen printed on black t-shirts with white ink so we printed the shirts for them. They looked terrific!


Printing T-shirts for Teams

Another scenario of t-shirts we have printed for schools also was to do with screen printing. The school wanted 15 blue t-shirts with the school team logo on the front and the player’s names and numbers on the back.

It isn’t a problem for us to print individual player’s names and numbers on the back; however we have a minimum order of 25 shirts for screen printing. We suggested that they order additional t-shirts with just the printing on the front for team supporters. They had a number of people who wanted shirts so they had absolutely no trouble at all selling additional shirts to easily meet the minimum order requirements.

To further elaborate, lets say you wanted tank tops for the basketball team. We can print some of the images on tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts and/or hoodies.

Now if you had a small team and there wasn’t the prospect of selling additional shirts then we do have another solution for you. Let’s say that you had a floor hockey team with 12 players and let’s say that you wanted orange shirts with white ink. Unfortunately, that doesn’t meet out 25 shirt minimum for screen printing.

A viable solution for this scenario would be to print with black ink. We have special t-shirt transfer paper that doesn’t leave behind any polymer residue so it looks like screen printing. There is an example of exactly what I mean if you click on this link and scroll down the page until you see the grey box titled “Polymer Window”.



To give you a quick idea as to pricing, a dozen white t-shirts with full colour print in the left chest area is $7.25 per shirt plus shipping and tax.

White t-shirt with your image across the chest is $8.75 per shirt.

This pricing includes the t-shirt which is usually a Gildan “Ultra 100% cotton shirt which is a good quality shirt and the printing which can be one, two or a few colours or full colour. With these shirts, t-shirt transfer paper is printed using a colour laser printer and then the image is applied to the t-shirt using an automated commercial heat press.

To get a better idea of options and pricing please check out the following links.

  • For printing on white t-shirts please click here
  • Printing on light colour shirts click this link
  • For more info on mid colour shirts go to this page
  • Options for printing on dark shirts please click on this link
  • For printing t-shirts with names and numbers see our team t-shirts page
  • For some information on screen printing click here


This Video Will Give You A More in Depth Idea of Our Capabilities

Or if you like you can watch the video titled “T-shirt Printing on Various Tshirt Colours” to give you a quick idea as to what we are able to do.

Click to view.


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