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Cancer Walk T-shirts for Your Cause

If you are part of a cancer walk project either as one of the participants or as an organizer, sponsor or volunteer, Photo of t-shirt we’d like to help you with your cancer walk t-shirts. Sadly, cancer has touched so many of our lives. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, family and friends, we all know someone.  There are a number of reasons why anyone gets involved in these fundraisers. We know those whose lives were lost and we also celebrate the survivors. We also want to bring help to those who need care. For the majority of the designs for these walk-a-thon t-shirts there is no minimum order since the norm is either white or light pink shirts. However, you aren’t restricted to those colours. We can print on any colour of t-shirt in full colour. We also print on sweatshirts, polos, ringers, hoodies, and long sleeves. And of course the t-shirts and many of these other shirts are available in men’s, ladies, youth and toddlers styles and sizes.



Cancer Walk T-shirts

We have been making t-shirts for the past number of years for people involved in “The Weekend to End Breast Cancer“, “Relay for Life“, “Run For The Cure” or “Walk for a Cure” to name just a few. Some of the more high profile fundraisers are for breast, ovarian, testicular and colon cancer but of course there are others. If you have a design we can print it for you or if you need us to create a design for you just let us know your ideas and we can put it together for you. Now here are some ideas to help you. Naturally if you are using one of the standard logos such as “The Weekend to end Breast Cancer” and you need us to tailor the image/text to reflect the sponsoring hospital and date of the walk we can easily do that for you.


Give Your Team a Name

If you have a number of people who are going to walk together as a team, you might want to give the team a name. If you are honouring a person you might use their name. Here are some team names we have printed and also had suggested.

  • Boobalicous
  • The Rack Pack
  • One more Step toward the Cure
  • Team (Person’s name)
  • Team Hope
  • Bringing Back the Rack


If you would further like to personalize the team t-shirts by adding the walker (or runner’s) name we can also easily do that as well.


Print a Slogan

Very often we are asked to add a slogan. Some are quite humorous and witty.

  • Big or Small save them all
  • Whoever said winning isn’t everything, obviously wasn’t fighting breast cancer.
  • Cancer is a word, not a sentence
  • I’m too sexy for my hair
  • Show you care, be aware
  • Boobs: They could use your support
  • I pink I can, I pink I can
  • Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death
  • Check your bumps for lumps
  • I fight like a girl!


Photo T-shirts

If you have a particular person that you want to remember we can easily print a photo along with some text such as “Remembering Michelle” along with a date or whatever would be significant to honour that person. Photos work particularly well on white, pink and other colours of light t-shirts, however we can also print photos with text on any colour of t-shirt.


Personalized T-shirts

Combine them all. We can easily print a photo (or two or three) along with your team name and add a slogan or any other text you have in mind. We can also use the same basic setup and have some t-shirts with a variation of the text on different shirts so that all of your shirts look like your part of a group but with added personalization. Of course you also have the option of having completely different printing on various t-shirts.



To get an idea of pricing please check out these pages. All of the pages below are referring to having your t-shirts printed using quality t-shirt transfers. They can be screen printed however there is a 25 shirt minimum and in many cases this isn’t practical. For a complete list of available sizes and colours for your t-shirt printing project please go to: T-shirt Colours and Sizes


Contact Us

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration. If you have any questions or would like a price quote please go to this page. It’ll let you know what information we need to to help you out with your cancer walk t-shirts.  

Cancer Walk T-shirts
Cancer Walk T-shirts. If you are part of a cancer walk project either as one of the participants or as an organizer, sponsor or volunteer, we'd like to help you with your cancer walk t-shirts. Whether you're involved with The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, Relay for Life, Run For The Cure or Walk for a Cure or any other project, we can help! We can print on all colours of t-shirts with full colour printing and no minimum orders except for screen printing. The shirts can be personalized with your team name and the walker's name or any other customization. We print t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, ringers and tank tops including slogans, photographs, logos and any additional artwork. For more info please browse our website at or send us an email to [email protected]