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T-shirts Promote – T-shirts in the News

T-shirts Promote – T-shirts in the News

Not only can t-shirts promote your band, business or any venture they can sometimes get you more than you bargained for!

I enjoy most articles and news stories about custom tshirts so I go searching for these “t-shirts in the News” stories for two reasons. First I am genuinely interested in the t-shirt business and these stories can be humorous, thought provoking or downright disturbing. It’s truly amazing the impact of a t-shirt and it really demonstrates that we look at and read t-shirts and sometimes can even react very positively or negatively.


Guns N’ Roses

I saw this Guns N’ Roses story earlier today about fans being asked to remove their Slash t-shirts on the basis that Axl Rose (The lead singer for Guns N’ Roses) could be upset, leading to possibly a negative consequence. How could t-shirts  create such a reaction? Read the story to find out more.


Guns N’ Roses fans banned from wearing Slash T-Shirts
Guns N’ Roses fans are not allowed to wear t-shirts sporting the name of former guitarist Slash at any of the groups concerts, it has been revealed. The strange rule shows the level of ill feeling between lead singer Axl Rose and Slash and was evident 
Axl Rose Bans Fans Wearing Slash T-Shirts From Guns N’ Roses Gigs. No, ReallyTone Deaf
Axl Rose Bans Slash T-Shirts From Guns N’ Roses GigsYahoo! Canada Music (blog)
Guns N’ Roses Concertgoer Reportedly Forced to Remove Slash T-Shirt by Venue Loudwire
Rock Cellar Magazine –Gun Shy Assassin
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T-shirts Promoting “Not-So-Dumb Blondes”

This post, “T-shirts promoting not-so-dumb blondes” really shows the creativity of some people. This inverted pocket t-shirt just made me laugh! Kudos to them.


T-shirts promote not-so-dumb blondes
One of the “clever” tees from Blondes Make Better T-shirts. The generous pocket can almost hold things. A new T-shirt company called Blondes Make Better T-shirts features items like one-pocket tees that open toward the floor. Another shirt features a 
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The Jesus T-shirt Controversy

This 3rd article is about the young man who wore his “Jesus” t-shirt to school and all of the controversy that followed when another student complained. I live in New Brunswick only a few hours away. For about a week the radio stations and media were buzzing about this one. This article from Global TV shows that an animated video was made from this story.

Nova Scotia’s ‘Jesus’ T-shirt controversy gets animated
Global Montreal
HALIFAX – The story of devout Chrisitan high school student William Swinimer and his “Life is wasted without Jesus” T-Shirt has made its way around the world from tiny Chester Basin, Nova Scotia. The CGI-animated clip shows Swinimer high-fiving Jesus 
Teen in Jesus shirt row won’t attend NS school unless they’re teaching ‘good National Post
Jesus T-shirt‘ student gives school brush-offThe Province
Christian think-tank offers legal opinion to school on ‘offensive’ Jesus T-shirtB.C. Catholic Newspaper – -South Shore Now
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Can T-shirts Promote Your Cause?

If you have any ideas for any custom tshirts please send an email to Tshirts Canada[email protected] outlining what your needs are. Now they don’t need to be something that’s going to get the attention that these t-shirts did however if it happens…