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Soccer Shirts and Other Team T-shirts

If you’re the coach or a sponsor of a team and are looking for soccer shirts we have a number of options for you. At TshirtsCanada we not only print soccer tee shirts but we print all kinds of team t-shirts including baseball jerseys, however let me focus on the soccer team shirts.


Soccer Shirts – Options

For teams with around a dozen players, your best option would be t-shirts printed with t-shirt transfers. Our quality t-shirt transfers are a new generation of transfers the have increased durability and allow us to cost effectively print in full colour on white and light colours of t-shirts.

We can also print on a number of mid colour shirts but to use this printing process, the ink colour must be darker than the t-shirt colour.

So for example on bright yellow shirts we can print using red ink, dark blue, dark green, purple, etc. however on metro blue it works better to use dark blue and black inks.

Again, generally speaking; as the t-shirt colour gets darker the ink colour(s) get darker.

Printing Soccer Shirts on Different Colours of T-shirtsIn the sample shirt mock-up to the left, you’ll notice that as the t-shirt colour got darker I modified the image and made the ink colours darker to give optimum printing results.

The sand t-shirt is considered a light colour shirt so essentially any colour (except white with this process) can be printed on the shirt. The colours I used were forest green, black and purple. The name and numbers on the back are forest green.

Since the kiwi green is more of a mid colour shirt I changed the forest green to dark green and the purple to deep purple. The name and number on the back is dark green.

And finally, because the sport grey shirt has a number of flecks, all of the ink colours were converted to black including the name and number on the back.

Now notice, that the soccer ball although normally white is the colour of the t-shirt since there is no white ink with a regular colour laser (or inkjet) printer.


Soccer Shirts Can Include a Name and Number

I’m sure you noticed that each shirt has a name and number on the back. The printing process used for these shirts is very flexible and allows that these shirts can be further personalized to include this one-of-a-kind of printing.

As well, very often on soccer t-shirts the number is also printed on the front as part of the graphic. This can add additional flair to the design.

If you already have your design ready we can print it onto the shirts or if you just need some layout completions we can do that for you.

What I mean is, you might have a clipart of a bull and you want us to add text to make it the “Burlington Bulls” with each number incorporated into the image on the front of the shirts. This can easily be done too.

Fro information and pricing on team t-shirts click on this link

So, as you can see there are cost effective options for t-shirts. If you have any questions or would like pricing please contact us at Tshirts Canada and send an email to [email protected]. We’d be happy to help you with your soccer t-shirts project.