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Print Your Art on T-shirts

Attention Artists, Photographers and Designers. We can print your art on t-shirts…

If you are an artist, photographer or designer and have created your own designs you might want to have us print your art on t-shirts. At TshirtsCanada we specialize in tshirt printing in full colour and have printed numerous custom t-shirts for artists and people wanting to launch their own t-shirt designs.


One-of-a-Kind T-shirts

I remember a few years back printing t-shirts for an art gallery in Vancouver. There were 30 different designs and the intention of the art gallery was to give each artist a t-shirt with their artwork on the t-shirt. This amounted to 30 one of a kind t-shirts. These shirts were shipped to Vancouver and then ultimately to Papua, New Guinea.

I told you this to illustrate that you aren’t restricted to mass quantities of the same shirt. Very often we’ll print just one t-shirt.

The norm when we do this type of printing is to print a dozen or more shirts and although our regular structure is to print 12 or more of the same design, we very often will print 6 of one design and 6 or another. This gives you some flexibility. As well this would give you the best pricing. If you print on just the front of the shirts this can be very cost effective.


Print Your Art on T-shirts Using Light Coloured Shirts

While your artwork would have the most realistic reproduction on white shirts (the same as you start with a white canvas), printing on light colour shirts can change the texture of the artwork creating an interesting “twist”. For example printing on the colour natural, (these t-shirts are unbleached cotton – beige with darker flecks) has a great look. Any white areas are transparent so therefore the colour of the shirt. For designs with lots of browns this looks particularly effective.


Printing Your Art on T-shirts Using Darker Coloured Shirts

Art on T-shirts

Now when it comes to printing artwork and referring more specifically to art created by an artist on a canvas or similar media this can be done with a special type of paper. Now if you are a photographer and would like a photo on t-shirt this uses the same process. In fact we do several photo t-shirts every year.

If you are an artist, photographer or simply have a design and would like to print your artwork onto t-shirts please send an email to [email protected]. We’ll be happy to give you a quote or answer any questions.