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Jerseys and Baseball Uniforms and a Little History

If you are part of a baseball team and are looking for baseball jerseys for your team then at TshirtsCanada we have the printing process that can create these baseball uniforms for you.


Baseball Jerseys with Full Colour Printing

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Our printing process allows us to cost effectively print in full colour or if you would prefer, in just one or a couple of colours. This means that if you have an image that is multicoloured, it isn’t a problem and it isn’t ridiculously expensive to print.


Printing on the Back of Your Baseball Shirts

This also means that you can have each players name and number or just a number on the back. An additional idea if you have sponsors is to include their full colour images on the shirt as well.

The main brand baseball shirts that we print on are made by M&O Knits. The hem at the bottom is cut straight across. This allows us to do some printing at the bottom of the shirt and this is often an ideal place to print.

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Baseball Uniforms

Now if your team is looking for a more complete baseball uniforms we have a supplier that carries baseball shirts with matching caps. While these baseball uniforms are a slightly more expensive, they offer a greater selection. These baseball uniforms are available in youth sizes as well as adult sizes up to 4XL and the baseball caps match the sleeve colour.

Now as far as a complete baseball uniforms with the baseball shirts, caps, pants and socks we don’t offer anything like that since our focus is helping the “house league” teams custom baseball shirts.

However, while doing some research on baseball jerseys and baseball uniforms I found an article on Wikipedia that I thought was quite interesting. Here is a clip from that article…

Baseball uniforms

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Early developments

The New York Knickerbockers were the first baseball team to wear uniforms, taking the field on April 4, 1849 in pants made of blue wool, white flannel shirts and straw hats.[1][2] The practice of wearing a uniform soon spread, and by 1900, all Major League Baseball teams had adopted them.[3] By 1882 most uniforms included stockings, which covered the leg from foot to knee, and were used to differentiate one club from another. The uniforms themselves had different colors and patterns that reflected the different baseball positions.[4] In the late 1880s, the Detroit Wolverines and Washington Nationals of the National League and the Brooklyn Bridegrooms of the American Association were the first to wear striped uniforms.[5]


Home and Road Baseball Uniforms

By the end of the 19th century, teams began the practice of wearing one of two different uniforms, one when they played in their own baseball stadium and a different one when they played on the road. It became common to wear white at home and one of gray, solid dark blue, or black on the road.[3] An early example of this is the Brooklyn Superbas, who started to use a blue pattern for their road uniforms in 1907.[3]




The Authentic T-shirt Company's Youth / Adult Cotton Basenall Shirts

Baseball Uniforms

All of our printing is very flexible. If you have a particular font in mind or a particular colour scheme we can accommodate your request.

If you don’t have a design we have the experience to create a design for you at no additional cost.

We have more information on our softball shirts on our main baseball shirts page. You can click on this link for baseball shirts info or click on the photo at the top of the page to give you an idea of pricing. If you have any questions or would like a quote please send an email to [email protected]

If you are part of a baseball team and are looking for baseball jerseys or more complete baseball uniforms (shirts and caps) for your team then we have the printing process that can create these baseball uniforms for you.