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Team T-shirt Ideas

Team T-shirt Ideas…

Team t-shirts are everywhere. Baseball teams are not the only sport with their own shirts. There are t-shirts for lots of different team sports and it’s certainly not restricted to just sports. You can have your own “team shirts” for any team!


Just a Few Team T-shirt IdeasPhoto of male model wearing a Tshirts Canada ringer

  • Sports teams of course – There are so many sports where a t-shirt is more appropriate than a jersey and very often it can be a lower cost alternative.
    • Volleyball, ball hockey, dodgeball,  soccer, dragon boat racing to name a few
    • Basketball shirts or tank tops
    • Baseball t-shirts as an alternative to baseball jerseys. Ringers are also an excellent alternative.
    • Football Teams – People love to wear these shirts to show support for their favorite team and it doesn’t need to be restricted to the Pros.
    • Hockey teams. Every year we make “commemorative” hockey t-shirts that celebrate the team and/or its accomplishments.
  • Sales teams – having your staff all wearing t-shirts with your company name, logo and tagline is not only great for advertizing but it also creates that team feeling!
  • Camp t-shirts – When the team leaders, staff and the campers are all wearing camp t-shirts it creates a sense of fellowship and belonging.
  • Dance team shirts – people love to display what they are passionate about. These shirts let others know what they’re “into” plus it is a great advertiser. When someone comments on their shirt, as an owner you have someone who is going to  exude enthusiasm for your dance establishment.
  • Wedding – Having t-shirts for the Bride, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, etc will have you looking like a team when you head out to celebrate the big day!
  • Youth groups – to feel like their part of the team.

Actually that’s the point. No matter what the reason, having t-shirts with a common theme, message or artwork creates a team feeling.


Printing Your Team T-shirt Ideas

Our printing process that we use is ideal for t-shirts for teams since we are able to cost effectively print t-shirts with full colour printing. We also have the ability to create personalized t-shirts with a persons name and number (or just the number).

Our website has more information including pricing. Click on this link: team t-shirts for more details.