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Personalized T-shirts for Weddings, Teams, Businesses and More

T-shirts for Weddings and Mores…

If it’s personalized t-shirts you’re looking for, at TshirtsCanada that is our forte. Since our main focus is on printing custom t-shirts using t-shirt transfers and colour laser printers this option is very doable and ideal for printing t-shirts ffor weddings and more.

Now I would quickly like to point out that these are a new generation of transfer papers. They are durable and produce excellent colours.


Personalized T-shirts for Weddings

Another type personal t-shirts that we frequently do are shirts for weddings or bachelor parties. This allows the group to “party on” and for any onlookers there would be no doubt in their mind that they’re together. Whether your looking to print Bride, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour or a set for the Groom, Best Man etc., these one of a kind or a few of a kind t-shirts can easily be created.


Personalized T-shirts


T-shirts for Teams

Now these t-shirts with the additional personalization don’t just apply to team t-shirts although this is very useful when you want a team logo on the front a a name and number on the back. We print these shirts all the time for ball hockey teams and for hockey teams that are looking for a memorable t-shirt for their hockey season.


Family Reunion T-shirts

We’ve also done a number of shirts for family reunions. With each persons name somewhere (usually on the left chest)  it can easily take the guesswork out of remembering the person’s name if you only see them at family reunions.


T-shirts for Your Business

Of course, businesses use personally customized t-shirts and polos all the time. A company logo with your name underneath is a great way to help brand your company and to also embed your name on a client’s mind. And of course when you add this to your arsenal of other Point of Sale products the impact is increased.


Print Your T-shirts One Letter at a Time

Now this is something that we all see every so often. T-shirts with only one large letter on the front. I’ve done these for businesses. 4 t-shirts. S – A- L – E. One letter on each shirt placed on mannequins in the stores window.

I’ve also done these for people who go to the game with their friends and strategically sit so that their shirts spell L – E – A – F – S. Lot of fun!


So go ahead and browse our website at TshirtsCanada. If you have any questions or would like a quote please send us an email to [email protected]. We love to print your personalized t-shirts for you.