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Gildan T-shirt Weight Specifications

T-shirt Weight Specifications…

When it comes to the Gildan T-shirts in particular, occasionally I am asked why some websites refer to the Gildan “Ultra” 2000 t-shirts as 6.1 ounces and our website as 10.1 ounces.

It is to do with how the t-shirt weight is measured. What I did is take the following excerpt from the Gildan FAQ website to give their explanation.


From the Gildan T-shirts website…



T-shirt Weight Specifications for the USA and Europe

Photo showing various Gildan shirts

T-shirt weight is measured in a variety of ways, most of which are meant to provide a guideline of quality.

In the USA, the t-shirt weight specifications are in f ounces per square yard. If you took a piece of the fabric that measured exactly 1 square yard (36″ by 36″) it would weigh a certain number of ounces, the style 2000 in this case would weigh 6.1oz.

In Europe, Asia and most of the rest of the world fabric weight is measured as # of grams per square meter of fabric (GSM) – which is 1 square meter of fabric (approx 39″ by 39″), in the case of the style 2000 the weight would be 207 g/m2.


T-shirt Weight Specifications for Canada

Canada on the other hand, has a third scale which measures in Ounces per linear yard. A Linear yard (for this purpose is 36″ long and 60″ wide) – therefore the style 2000 would weigh 10.1oz.


It is Only the Measurement That is Different

It is to be noted that the Gildan t-shirts themselves are identical in how they are made, look and feel. It is only the unit of measurement that is different.

It is exactly the same as 100 KPH is the same speed as 62.5 MPH. It is only the method of measurement that is different.

To give you a quick comparison:

  • The Gildan “Ultra” 2000 series shirts are 10.1 ounce
  • The Gildan “Heavy” 5000 series shirts are 8.9 ounce
  • The Gildan “SoftStyle” 64000 series shirts are 7.5 ounce
  • The M&O Knits baseball shirt (5540) are 9.4 ounce


Gildan T-Shirts

To add a little more clarity, all of the shirts in the 2000 series are 10.1 ounce. This applies to the men’s 2000, ladies 2000L, youth 2000B, toddler 2000P. Also part of the 2000 series is the ringer t-shirt 2600, tank top 2200, sleeveless 2700, men’s long sleeve 2400, ladies long sleeve 2400L and the youth long sleeve 2400B.

They also have the same specifications:

  • 100% cotton preshrunk jersey
  • Double needle top-stitched neckline
  • Double stitched sleeve and waist hem
  • Seamless collar with taped neck and shoulders
  • Quarter turned body to eliminate the centre crease.

The other series work the same way having their own specifications..

On our TshirtsCanada site, all measurements for the Gildan T-shirts and all other brands are measured using the Canadian standard of measurement.


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