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T-shirt Transfers vrs Screen Printing

Transfers vrs Screen PrintingTransfers vrs Screen Printing…

At TshirtsCanada we basically focus on 2 methods for t-shirt printing. Printing with t-shirt transfers and screen printing. So what are the advantages of Transfers vrs Screen Printing.

While we focus in printing smaller orders of 1 t0 25, we are also equipped to handle larger orders as well. We frequently print orders of 25 to 250. Of course we print orders of 250 or more as well.

Our intention is to select and advise you on the most cost effective process for your t-shirt order.

However here are some guidelines.


The advantages of printing shirts with t-shirt transfers

is the flexibility to print…

  • In full colour with no issues on white t-shirts. This works great especially if you want to print photographs or if you graphic art has several colours.
  • No minimums. Unlike screen printing there is no minimum order with t-shirt transfer printing. You can even order just one!
  • We can also print in full colour (except white ink) on light colour t-shirt as well as on mid colour t-shirts (providing the ink colour is darker than the t-shirt colour.
  • The pricing is consistent so you can view our price lists to get a good idea of the cost.


The advantages of screen printing your shirts

  • For orders of 15 shirts or more with 1 to 6 ink colours
  • Just as a guideline:
    • The more colours the higher the cost per shirt
    • The more t-shirts the less the cost per shirt
  • Please remember that what we call a black and white photograph is actually greyscale so it is nor suitable for screen printing
  • To get a quote for screen printing we need to know:
    • The colour of the t-shirts
    • The number of t-shirts
    • We must see your image or know exactly what you have in mind before we can give you an accurate quote.

To request a quote or if you have any questions about our custom tshirts please send us an email to [email protected]