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Baseball Shirts with Full Colour Logos and a Name and Number

Full Colour Logos…

When it comes to creating baseball shirts for your team you have a few considerations. What you want on the front and if or what you want on the back. Now I know that that sound simplistic and obvious however when you’re dealing with the members of your team it’s not always easy to get everyone to agree on one thing. At Tshirts Canada we want to help!


The Front of Your Baseball Shirt with 1. 2, 3 or Full Colour Logos

ull Colour Logos of the front of a baseball jersey

Full Colour Logos

Let’s begin with the front. If you already have your team logo then there is no issue. If you don’t then you may want something. Here are a couple of ideas for your baseball jerseys.

  • Plain text – your team name written in a common font (Arial, Times Roman etc.). This can be a little plain but it will certainly get the job done.
  • Fancy text – your team name written in a sports font or some other font that’ll stand out a little more. We done several shirts with some of the traditional traditional fonts such as varsity,  jersey or college etc., as well as grunge fonts or font that look like fire.
  • Traditional looking baseball jerseys – One of the typical looks is to have the team name written in a script font that has a “tail” underlining the team name. Often additional text is written in the tail.
  • Full graphic – like the shirts for most and virtually all sports teams you may want a full colour logo across the front of your baseball jerseys. Something as simple as your team name and an image that represents the mascot can be easily created.

Now just to be clear whatever your choice is, we can help you. We have been making baseball shirts for a number of years so we just need your ideas and your vision and we can assemble it for you.


The Back of Your Shirts

Normally if your team wants printing on the back of your baseball jerseys it usually an name and number or just a number however very often we get requests to print the sponsors name or logo on the shirt as well.Photo of the back of a baseball jersey showing a name and number

When we print a name and number the name is usually 2″ tall by a maximum of 8″ wide. The standard font we use is “Impact” since this is a bold font that is more compressed width wise than say Arial. If the name when typed in goes beyond the 8″ width the name will need to be squeezed while still maintaining the 2″ height.

We also normally use the font “Impact” for the number. This font is easy to read and looks great. The numbers are approximately 7.5″ to 8″ high to a maximum of 8″ wide.

With the 2″ name and the 7.5″ to 8″ number plus some white space between the name and number the total height of the name and number is about 10.5″ high.

When we print on the Bella baseball jerseys for the ladies teams we use a lighter font the better suits the dimensions of the ladies shirts.

Of course if you have a preference for a particular font just let us know.


Colour Printing on Your Baseball Jerseys

When we print your shirts we’ll match the colour on the front with a colour on the back. So if you have a full colour logo on the front that is outlined in navy we’ll use the same shade of navy on the back.

In the photos on the right even though it looks as if we are matching the red numbers to the sleeve colour (it is close) however it is the red used in “Cougars” that matches the name and number on the back.


Ordering Your Baseball Shirts with Full Colour Logos, Artwork or Images  and a Name and Number

If you would like to find out the cost of having shirts for your baseball team please be aware that there is a minimum order of 12 shirts however the normal order for a baseball team is 12 – 16 anyway.

To find more information about our baseball shirt pricing and styles please click on this link

Certainly if you have questions or would like to find out the total cost including shipping please send an email to [email protected] and let us know how many baseball shirts you need, the brand and sleeve colour and your Postal Code. Tell us your requirements and include any artwork if you have it.