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Baseball Shirts with Photos

At TshirtsCanada, we can also print baseball shirts with photos. Now naturally if you are part of a baseball team then the team that has matching baseball jerseys with your team name and logo on the front and a name and number really makes your team stand out and look like a team.

However many more things can be printed on baseball jerseys.


Baseball Shirts with Photos Look Great!

I’m sure you have seen t-shirts with just the photo printed on the front  however there is so much more that can be done and at TshirtsCanada we like to do more for  you.

Since baseball jerseys have a different look, printing a photograph on the front takes on a whole different ambiance. The colour sleeves give the shirt more pizazz while the white body gives a perfect background for the photo. And, lots of graphic art can be added to add even more character.

Once simple thing that most graphic designers can easily add is called photo edges. Photo edges take the rectangular shape of the photo and make the perimeter of the photo irregular. This adds some style.

Another idea is to add some kind of frame around the photo. I not implying that you make it look like a picture frame that would hang on the wall. Instead what I mean is that adding a couple of offset rectangular outlines will draw ore attention to the photo.

Adding text or a caption is another simple thing to do to spice it up. There are thousands of interesting fonts available and artistic effects. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, find a photo online and then show your designer what you have in mind.

Now I have been talking about baseball jerseys however obviously this can be used in any type of tshirt printing.

I just want to give you some ideas of how these shirts can be printed to look even more effective.


Ordering Just One or a Few Baseball Shirts with Photos

Another advantage of printing using softball shirts is that they look more dramatic than t-shirts (for some things). What I mean is, lets say that you have a band and you would like to get some black t-shirts. Normally screen printing on black t-shirts requires a minimum order, however you only want 5 shirts. Something “cool” could be printed on the baseball shirt and you would achieve a unique look and still be able to purchase a smaller quantity.

We recently did shirts for a drama academy in Toronto for their musical presentation of “13”. The front of the baseball jersey had a big turquoise “13” on the front!

If you have any questions about having your photo printed on baseball shirts or if you would like a quote please send an email to [email protected]. We’d be happy to help you out.