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Band T-Shirts for Promotion, Advancement and Credibility

Band t-shirts are one of the two best ways to “upgrade” the status of your band. (The second way is to record your CD)

T-shirts for your band can not only promote your band it can help to advance your careers by adding additional credibility.

Now this is what I mean. If you were a club owner and two bands that you had never heard of approached you; one had a good promotion/press kit including CDs and t-shirts and the other band approached with nothing more than good story and maybe a business card, would you not assume that the band with a full press kit was better?

However, you and I both know that this may not be true. But the band with the CD and band tee shirts will likely get the gig because they’ll be perceived as being better.


Band T-shirtsBand T-shirts

Not only will band t-shirts add to your credibility since your band will be perceived as better and more successful, it can be a way to supplement your income. Even at the local level, if you sell CDs at your events you can also sell t-shirts. Your band shirts can include your website and help to drive traffic and create a buzz. And this buzz can continue for years for some artists.

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Now not all t-shirt have minimum orders. Screen printing does however there are other ways to create shirts.


Printing Your Band T-shirts

We’ve printed t-shirts for bands on numerous colours of t-shirts using different types of t-shirt printing particularly using quality t-shirt transfers as well as screen printing.

With screen printing there is a minimum order. Our minimum is 25. With screen printing you ca print on any colour of shirt however the more colours you use the higher the cost. But also as you order more shirts, the cost per shirt decreases.

There are also numerous solutions to printing on different colours of t-shirts where there are no minimum orders and for lower quantities are more cost effective.

One other possibility to consider is printing on baseball shirts. This option gives you the advantage of full colour printing with the baseball shirts creating a different look.

If you have any questions about getting band t-shirts for your band please send an email to [email protected]