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Placing the Images on Your T-shirts

When printing your customized t-shirts, we need to place the images correctly on the shirt to look their best. This is particularly important when  placing an image on the left chest area. I’m sure you’ve seen the shirts where the image is placed almost under his arm. At TshirtsCanada we have guidelines that we follow to make sure that does not happen so that your images are placed correctly.





Printing Across the Chest

Normally the maximum print area is 10.5 ” x 8″. To align it, the image is usually about 3 inches below the bottom of the hem neck. This is determined by the centering of the picture and also where the line of sight through the bottom of the sleeves intersect. The image is focused so that two-thirds of the image is above the imaginary line and the bottom third is below.


Printing in the Left Chest Area

This is more complicated if you do not know the system. There is a procedure and guidelines to follow.

The correct placement of an image or graphic on the left chest area is that the image center is directly under the hem at the top neck of the shirt and either sitting on the line from the bottom of the sleeves or slightly above.

Now, of course, different images are displayed differently on their jerseys customized for one thing you can do is put a shirt to another person, place the image and then evaluate the printing position by measuring. It is best not just eyeball it.


Creating a Template for Your Customized T-shirts

If you are printing more than one shirt, once you have determined the optimum position for your logo, create and print a template from cardboard. This allows you to align your print.

Crop the image so you can put the transfer into the hole. This lets you put the template on top of the shirt, put a transfer through the hole directly over the shirt, the transfer line, hold the transfer in place while removing the cardboard template and then press the shirt.

Thus t-shirt printing is the right and the shirts look great.


Printing On the Back of the Shirt

When your t-shirt printing is on the back, the same guidelines also apply as to the front. Again, this means centered on the liner with two thirds of the image above the line crossing the bottom of each sleeve and the other below the third line.

Now there are times when the image is in that line because it’s all about how it looks visually. There are also occasions when moving to the transfer so that the impression remains balanced  looking. printed just below the neck. You may want to print a smaller picture just below the neck. If you are putting the shirt flat image should be about 4 inches below the bottom of the neck and that when the shirt is laid flat, the hem of the neck in the front is lower than the hem on the back . So to maintain a flat printing surface must be below that.

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