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Custom T-shirts For Christmas Gifts

T-shirts For Christmas Gifts…

If you’re looking for unique ideas for Christmas gifts, one thing you might consider is our custom Christmas Tshirts. Now I’m not referring specifically to seasonal Christmas t-shirts although that is definitely doable, however I am more specifically talking about t-shirts that are created for the person you are giving the t-shirt to.

Creating customized T-shirts for Christmas gifts is not only fun but you could also find it to be very cost-effective. Whether you have just one custom t-shirt in mind or a few different ideas for a number of custom tshirts, we will do our best to help you out.



T-shirts For Christmas Gifts with Personalized MessagesSand t-shirt with dark brown text

Many people have favorite sayings or quotes that could easily be printed on a t-shirt. Personalized T-shirts that have a person’s favourite saying, quote or something that seems to be a favourite expression of theirs; well you’ve captured a part of that person.

For example let’s say that a person you might have in mind seems to like the expression, “Yeah Right!” This can easily be printed on a t-shirt for you. We’ve done several one-of-a-kind custom Christmas T-shirts for people.


Choosing Your T-Shirt Colour and Printing Style for Your T-shirts

Rather than having a white t-shirt with black ink, you can choose to be more creative. An iris blue shirt with dark blue ink looks great. Also a sand colour shirt with dark brown ink also looks great. Providing the ink colour is darker than the t-shirt colour, cost effective results can easily be achieved. Just a a note:

Printing on black or dark t-shirts with white ink involves a different printing process that is more expensive to produce.


Photo T-shirtsCustom Christmas Tshirts - 2 - from TshirtsCanada

T-shirts with photographs also make an excellent gift. You can have photo t-shirts of people, places or your pet and it is a very simple procedure to add text and dress up your photograph. Now if you would like a photo T-shirt we need to have a very clear image. If you took the photo yourself with a digital camera your photo will likely be very clear. If you would like the image cropped, just send us the full image along with the instructions such as from the waist up. We’ll crop the image and send you a mock-up. Also, if you have a particular font in mind then let us know. We will always send you a mock-up so that you have a clear idea as to how your custom tshirts will look.


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T-shirts For Christmas Gifts with Custom T-shirts For Christmas GiftsClipart with Text

If you’ve found a clipart and would like to add text to personalize the drawing again this is very simple to do. However please be aware that we cannot print copyrighted clipart.

If you have Microsoft Word the you’ll have a number of cliparts to choose from as well So regardless of the printing that you would like on any t-shirts whether it be text, photos or clipart with or without a caption it can be printed for you.

Just send an email to [email protected] with your Christmas T-shirts ideas and we’ll help you get the process underway.  


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You might want to give custom Christmas tshirts some thought if you are looking for unique ideas for Christmas gifts. At Tshirts Canada we can help you.