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T-shirts for Women – Gildan Ladies “Soft Style” and “Ultra” T-shirts

At we are pleased to introduce the Gildan “SoftStyle” t-shirt into our line-up of our custom printed t-shirts for women.

While we predominately focus on the Gildan “Ultra” and intend to continue, there are several differences in the ladies “Ultra” and the Ladies “Soft Style” is this gives you more choice.

T-shirts for Women – Gildan Ultra

So, allow me to point out the differences in the Gildan Ladies “Ultra” and the Gildan Ladies “Soft Style” t-shirts.

Both of these women’s t-shirts are made by Gildan and both styles are 100% jersey cotton (preshrunk).

The Gildan “Ultra” (style – 2000L) t-shirts are 10.1 ounces and the “Soft Style” (64000L) are 7.5 ounces (Canadian Measurement) which means that the “Soft Style” t-shirts aren’t as thick and would be more see-through.

The style of the Gildan “Ultra” is a straight cut and would be considered boxy by comparison. The “Soft Style” is tapered at the sides and therefore is fitted.

In order for the “Soft Style” to be fitted there is a seam down the each side of the t-shirt. The “Ultra” does not have a seam on the side.

The “Ultra” t-shirt trim around the neck is 5/8” while the “SoftStyle” is slightly narrower at ½”

The “Ultra” t-shirts have double needle stitching while the “Soft Style” is single needle.

The Gildan Softstyle

The fit of the “Soft Style” is referred to as a Jr. fit which is reflected in the sizing. Measuring from the top to the bottom of the t-shirt and then again across the t-shirt where the body of the shirt meets under the arms.

Please refer to the chart below the photos for sizing.

Photo of Gildan 2000L and 64000L t-shirts

You’ll notice that the Gildan “Soft Style” isn’t available in XS however the “Soft Style” small is the same dimensions as the “Ultra” X-small. From there the dimensions of each corresponding size end up being significantly different.

The sleeves on the “Soft Style” are referred to as nearly capped. We are unable to print on these sleeves however the “Ultra” sleeves have more material so printing is possible.

The available colours for the Gildan Ladies “Ultra” are white, light pink, light blue, yellow haze in the light colours as well as sport grey, black, dark chocolate, dark heather, navy, red, royal blue and violet.

The available colours in the Gildan Ladies “Soft Style” are white, light pink, light blue, orchid, sky and kiwi which are the light colours we can print on as well as sport grey, black, charcoal, cherry red, dark chocolate, Irish green, navy, red and royal blue.

Now if you were looking at placing an order for some custom printed t-shirts for something as diverse as a family reunion and you wanted matching t-shirts for everyone. White, light blue and light pink are the only light colours available in men’s, ladies (both “Ultra” and “Soft Style”), youth and toddlers.

With these t-shirts for women,  ladies now have their choice of either a fitted t-shirt or a t-shirt that was a straight cut.