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How to Embed Fonts Into a Word Document

How to Embed Fonts Into a Word Document

Frequently we receive requests for a custom printed t-shirts quote and the image and text is created in Microsoft Word. This can be an issue if your custom T-shirt design contains particular fonts and they are important to your design and the fonts are not embedded in your file.

For example, let’s say that you used the font  Photo of font. Now if I don’t have  the font Photo of font on my computer the font will display as Photo of font or  Photo of font, defaulting to a common font on my computer.

There are thousands of available fonts and I have more than 10,000 on my computer (they aren’t all active). Now since I wouldn’t have any reference point as to how your document should look, I wouldn’t know whether the image you sent me looks the same on my computer as it does on yours. (We always send a proof for your confirmation just to be sure).

However there is a very easy solution. You embed the font into your Word document so the font information is contained in your file. This is actually quite easy to do. You would do this while you are working in Word. This example was done in Word 2003.


1. On the toolbar at the top select the Tools menu
2. Click Options

Instructions photo 1

3.  Then click the Save tab

Instructions photo 2

4.  Select the Embed TrueType fonts check box. Leave the “Embed characters in use only” and “Do not embed common system fonts” unchecked

5. Then click OK

Instructions photo 3

6. Save the document.

Instructions photo 4

Your document will now show up looking the same on any computer.

If you would like to download this information as a pdf please click on this link: