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School Drama Productions, Musicals and Music Department T-shirts

If you are the school principal, teacher or administrator who oversees the promotion and/or commemoration of your drama department productions, plays, musicals or your music department, band, choir or glee club at your school or academy and you are interested in tee shirt printing for your project, we can probably help.

At TshirtsCanada we’ve done numerous t-shirts and can offer you printing on white and light colour t-shirts with no minimum orders. We can also do some types of printing with no minimums on black and other dark t-shirts. We do screen printing as well on any colour of t-shirt with a minimum order of 25.

Actually, here are some links to get additional info and pricing:

I’ve also provided a few examples to give you an idea.

Please note that if you are doing a play or musical such as Beauty & the Beast you must have the right to allow us to print these shirts for you. It is usually part of the package you purchase when you obtain the rights to present the musical. These shirts were printed using what we call Process 1.

These shirts were made for Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts’s (Mississauga, ON) production of Beauty and the Beast. They supplied their image with their logo for the front of the shirts and the cast members names and the academy’s logo and website.


Another example of custom printed t-shirts was for a school north of Toronto. This design was done by one of the students for their musical production of Aladdin. They ordered 50 shirts so these shirts were screen printed (our Process 3).


A Children’s Theatre group in Saint John had us print their poster on black t-shirts. We used our Process 2 printing for these shirts.


This design was submitted by a music school. They did a cute modification of using headphones shaped into a heart.


We are located in Canada and ship to all locations in Canada that Canada Post delivers.

For more information on our custom printed tshirts and pricing browse our website at