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How to Order Online – Getting a Quote for Baseball Shirts and Custom T-shirts

In order to get an accurate tee shirt printing price quote from our company here at T-shirts Canada or from any t-shirt company you will need to provide some needed information. Now this information not only applies to tee shirt printing but also to baseball shirts, polo or golf shirts, tank tops, ringers, shooters, ladies t-shirts, youth t-shirts and toddler t-shirts.

If you answer these questions we or the company you are contacting will have a clear idea as to what you have in mind.


1. How many T-shirts do you need?

Some companies have minimum orders, especially when it involves screen printing. For printing using t-shirt transfers (what we refer to as Process 1 and Process 2) and some other printing methods, there is no minimum however the cost per t-shirt of just one or a few t-shirts is higher than say ordering say a dozen or more.


2. What colour of shirts are you looking for?

Please be aware that printing on white and light colour t-shirts is relatively easy, however printing on black or any dark colour shirts can have minimums and restrictions.

White t-shirts cost less than any colour t-shirt at the wholesale level. It also allows for several printing methods to be used so therefore printing on white tee shirts should give you the best cost.

Printing on light colour shirts also allows for several different printing options. However, the cost of printing the same artwork on a light blue shirt is more expensive then on a white shirt.

When printing on mid colour to dark colour t-shirts the printing methods available are more restrictive and this can lead to higher costs per shirt. Now if you are ordering large quantities the can become the most cost effective way to print the shirts.


3. Where would you like the printing on the shirts?

The size of the image or printing or whether the shirt need to be flipped over for 2-sided printing will have an impact on the cost of each shirt so your t-shirts Canada printer will need to know where you want the printing placed.

  • On the front left chest area?
  • Large across the chest?
  • Large on the back?
  • Or a combination.
  • The left chest area and large on the back or
  • Large on the front and on the back

Actually you can have your printing placed almost anywhere on the t-shirt but these are just some guidelines.


4. By what date do you need your order?

Many custom tee shirts printing companies keep a supply of t-shirts on hand. However frequently they need to order the shirts in the sizes and colours you need from their wholesalers. There are other supplies needed as well so by providing a date that you need your shirts by will ensure that your t-shirts Canada provider can meet your deadline.


5. Do you have any special instructions?

If you are inquiring about getting personalized t-shirts for a wedding party with “Bride, Groom, Mother of the Bride etc” on the t-shirts or baseball shirts with a name and number on the back you would need to include this information.

In fact, just include any instructions that will help you quote be accurate.


6. Your postal code to determine the best shipping method and the tax rate for your order.

T-shirts Canada orders can be shipped to any location in Canada that Canada Post delivers. By submitting your postal code the cost and time in transit is calculated. Also the tax rate of either GST or HST can be applied. Naturally orders can be shipped via courier as well.


7. Attach your image to your e-mail request.

It is always best to attach any artwork regardless of the t-shirt colour.

For black or any dark shirts we and your t-shirt printer must see your image to give you a quote.

Once you have answered these questions and submitted them to your t-shirt printer, they will normally get back to you with a quote, a time-frame and a mock-up. From there you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with the company.

If you would like a quote from us please click on this email address

: [email protected]

We do our best to send a reply within 24 hours and if we have all of the information we can usually attach a mock-up as well.