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Updated For 2014

There are no minimum orders with our full colour tshirt printing or printing just a few colours on these t-shirts. Your custom t-shirts would be printed with our quality t-shirts transfers that are applied to the t-shirts using an automated commercial heat press.

A Few of Examples of Tshirt Printing on Light Colour Custom T-shirts

Custom Tshirts on Light Colour T-shirts

When it comes to printing on light colour t-shirt with full colour printing we have almost the same flexibility as printing on white t-shirts. The only difference is there is no white ink in a colour laser printer so any white areas would be transparent. This is well demonstrated in the image with the Canadian flag on the serene green t-shirt. The flag red with a black outline. What is normally white on the Canadian flag is the colour of the t-shirt.

Your choice of light colours for full colour t-shirt printing is ash grey, ice grey, natural, sand, light pink, light blue, yellow haze, Vegas gold and serene green.

The Available Choices For Tshirt Printing on Light T-shirts Are

 Tee Shirt Printing with No White Ink

2013 white light colour t-shirt choices

Canadian Flag is Red and Light Green

Tshirt Printing on Light Colour Shirts

If you are looking for tee shirt printing with mid colour t-shirts please go to: Mid Colour Custom Tshirts

This pricing is based on all of the tshirt printing being the same on each shirt. If you would like personalized printing on light shirts such as for a wedding party or team t-shirts please go to: Personalized T-shirts

Printing Set-up Light Colour Tshirts

Tshirts Printing Set-ups for Light Colour Custom T-shirts

In the Price List Below…

Logo/Small Graphic means printing on the left chest with no printing on the back of the t-shirt

Large Graphic means you can print large on the front of the t-shirt OR large on the back of the t-shirt

Logo/Small Graphic & Large Graphic means a printing on the left chest and large on the back

Large Graphic & Large Graphic means large on the front and large on the back

For Custom Tshirt Printing on Light Colours
Updated for 2013

Prices for Tshirt Printing on Light Colour Custom Tshirts

Prices for Tshirt Printing on Light Colour Custom Tshirts

There are a number of brands that our suppliers carry. Bella, M&O Knits, Alstyle and Coal Harbour to name a few.

If you are unable to find an appropriate colour for your custom t-shirts please send us an email to and we’ll check with our suppliers to see if we can help you with the colour you’d like for your tshirt printing.


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