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If you are looking for more information about custom tshirts and baseball shirts this short Tshirts Canada video will give you an idea as to what we can do.

As you will notice our t-shirt printing methods allow us to print in full colour and white t-shirts. We also can print in full colour on pastel colour shirts such as light blue, light pink, Vegas gold, serene green, yellow haze, natural (unbleached cotton), ash grey, ice grey and sand.

There an a number of mid colour shirts that we cab print on such as daisy yellow, red, Irish green etc. As the tshirt colour gets darker we become more restricted as to the ink colours we can use. The general rule is, the ink colour must be darker than the shirt colour. So for example we can print on daisy yellow shirts with red dark blue ink, brown ink, purple ink and black ink, however these colours don’t print well on red or mid green shirts. With these shirts we can only print with black ink.

With the addition of a new t-shirt paper we are also effective able to print on many mid colour shirts some with different colour inks and some with only black ink, however this process gives screen like printing.

We also print a lot of baseball shirts. If you want your baseball jerseys to include each players name and number we can also do that. You will notice that we feature three different brands of baseball shirts. M&O Knits, Authentic T-shirt Company and Bella.

Please be aware that we don’t mix brands in the same order unless they are for 2 different teams. The reason is the shirts don’t match. Since they are from different manufacturers the dyes and the t-shirt weaves don’t match.

You will also notice that we print on polos, sweatshirts and ringers as well as other styles.

If you would like a quote or have any questions about custom tshirts or baseball shirts please send an email to


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Posted on Apr 13, 2012

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